Cara: Finishing on a High NoteMature

"It's time." I muttered in to Sam's ear, sad that I had to leave the safety of her arms. She kissed my head gently.

"Not yet."

"I have to..."

"No... please..."

"Sam, it's your evening. And... the band have stopped." We stopped swaying and Sam moved her head from mine, looking around.

"So they have. I didn't even notice."

I smiled and kissed her gently. Liam was gesturing hurriedly from the stage.

"Got to go." I whispered, then released her and went to the stage. "Hello everyone," I spoke in to the mike whilst the boys got ready behind me, "Well, this has been a lovely evening, and we have to thank Sam Kensington for putting it all together." There was applause and Sam smiled, nodding her head. "Now the band and I are going to round the evening off with a few tunes you may recognise. So enjoy, and remember, get home safely."

There was another round of applause as I stepped away to count the guys in.


"Thank you for a wonderful evening Samantha. It really is wonderful what you've done tonight. I hope you'll do it again."

"Well I shall try Ms. Proust, I shall try."

The last of the guests made their way out one by one, each thanking Sam. I stood by her, contented and a little tired. I glanced over to Anna. She was saying goodbye to Amy, a little tipsy, but otherwise in control. Amy kissed her on the cheek and came towards the exit.

"Thanks again for having us Sam."

"It was a pleasure." They shook hands and Sam closed the door. "Well, that's the last of them."

"Time to pack up." Liam added in a sarcastically cheery tone.

Everyone groaned, but moved towards the instruments to help load them in to the van. An hour later and all the instruments had gone, the tables and stage had been dismantled, and we were all packed in our respective cars or taxis to return. Sam looked across at me from the driver's seat.

"Where to?"

"Mine. I have something for you."

"What?" She asked curiously.

"Wait and see." I reprimanded, pointing at the wheel. "Come on, let's go."

We drove back steadily; Sam had drank a glass of wine in the middle of the evening and wanted to make sure we were safe. When we returned home, everyone was sat in the lounge. They cheered and whooped as Sam walked in.

"Well done Sam!" Liam cried, handing her a glass of wine. She blushed and thanked everyone. We sat, in all our evening wear, and chatted lightly. Liam was excited because he'd met someone who was starting up a recording studio, and Ali and Jak were deeply engrossed in conversation. It was nice to see. Anna was chatting to Callum and seemed content, so I kissed Sam gently and discreetly, pulling on her earlobe with my teeth a little. She caught her breath and gripped my hand.

"Thought the honey moon period was over with you two?" Jak chuckled, and we broke apart embarrassed.

"Shut up Jak." I blushed.

"As far as I'm concerned, the honeymoon phase can last forever." Sam muttered, staring down at her entwined fingers. There was a silence, in which I almost fell apart right there. She looked so innocent, so fragile...

"Aww..." Ali muttered, and the mood broke.

"Killed it." Liam chuckled, and everyone laughed. The atmosphere lifted, and Sam gave me a quick embarrassed peck.

"We're going to go to bed now." I stated, taking her hand. Wolf whistles followed, but I glared at Liam and Jak. "No comments, else we'll go to Sam's. Try not to be too noisy."

"Exactly what I was going to say to you!" Jak laughed. I shot him another look and pulled Sam down the corridor.

Once we were inside my room I locked it and pushed her against the wall.

"Where's all this come from?" She asked, rolling her head back as I kissed and nibbled her neck.

I didn't answer, just moved my lips to hers and carried on kissing.

"God Cara, slow down." She groaned as I pulled off her waistcoat and shirt in one go. "What's gotten in to you?"

"I just want you. All of you."

The End

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