Anna: One Drink OnlyMature

I stayed outside for about ten minutes before deciding to head back inside. People were starting to arrive now and were crowding up the entrance, all trying to say hello to Sam before it got too hectic for much small talk. I weaved in and out of everyone and found a vacant seat near to where the dancers were preparing and warming up.

A woman with chestnut brown hair and a warm smile who a vaguely recognised but I couldn’t think where from came over to where I was sitting and sat down in a chair next to me.

“Hey,” she said smiling,

“hi…” I said uncertainly, I could tell she was one of the dancers as she was wearing a leotard which matched the ones the other dancers were wearing, and her hair was tied up in a neat bun.

“I’m Amy,” she introduced and then it clicked as to how I recognised her, I had met hera couple of times but had never really gotten the chance to get to know her.

“Hi Amy so are you dancing tonight” I said nodding towards her leotard,

“Yeah I am, filling in for one of the dancers who broke her ankle,” at this I winced.

“Ouch very painful! I broke my foot once and it didn’t half hurt my own fault mind as I was doing handstands in the living room and I missed my feet when I was coming back down and landed on my foot!”

“Ouch, that must have hurt!”

“Yeah it did, mum however didn’t take me to A+E until the next day however, at the time she put a bag of frozen peas on it, gave me a couple of paracetamol and sent me to bed. It wasn’t until the next day when I shouted mum saying I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot that she thought their might actually be something wrong with it.” I said laughing.

Amy laughed too. “You should ask Cara, she was the one carrying my bag every day all around the school when I was on crutches!” I said smiling.

“Have you broken anything since then?” Amy asked,

“Haven’t given myself the opportunity to, been very careful about everything I do to limit the chances of it happening again” I said.

“That’s good, I ….”

“Amy we need you!” a girl shouted over from amongst the dancers,

“It looks as though they are ready for me now but it’s been nice talking. After I am done dancing, perhaps I could buy you a drink?” she asked.

“I’m not sure ….” I said uncertainly, I liked Amy and she seemed like a nice enough girl however I wasn’t sure whether I could allow myself to get close to another girl, despite knowing that Cara didn’t want me.

“Oh come on, one drink please?” she pleaded.

“Amy, now!” the girl shouted again but she ignored her.

“Oh okay one drink” I conceded, figuring that one drink was just one drink and that it didn’t mean anything, plus part of me wanted to find out whether Cara had sent Amy to come and talk to me.”

“Excellent, I hope you like the dancing” she said smiling as she turned on her heel and walked towards the group of dancers.

The dancing was nothing less than what I was expecting which was that it would be amazing, Amy twisted and turned with such elegance it made me jealous that I couldn’t dance and conclude that I should perhaps ask her to teach me.

Amy hurried to the table I was sitting on when they had finished dancing for the time being and sat down in the chair next to me. “What did you think?” she asked.

“You’re a brilliant dancer, truly brilliant” I said smiling, “Perhaps, and tell me if you think I am being forward since you hardly know me, perhaps you could teach me how to dance like that. Cara has taught me a few dance moves but I am still hopeless at dancing. I honestly have two left feet!”

“You just need practice that’s all it is, I had two left feet when I started and now look!”

“Liar, someone that good can’t possibly have started out not being able to dance at all!” I said and Amy just smiled.

“Yes your right I was lying but I think you could be a brilliant dancer, you look like you could be a dancer!” she said grinning.

“Oh really, what features describe a dancer then?” I asked chuckling slightly.

“Being tall, slim which means you can be light on your feet, and being very very pretty” she said.

“It took a second to take in what she had just said but when I realised that she was flirting with me I stared at her with a shocked expression on my face. “Look, your very nice, I hardly know you so do you honestly think now is a good time to be coming onto me?” I asked, trying to keep my voice level.

“Perhaps not, I’m sorry, I got carried away with myself I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Its okay Amy, I should probably go anyway,” I said getting to my feet and putting my bag over my shoulder, “It was nice meeting you properly Amy” I said as I turned away.

“No wait, you promised that I could buy you a drink, one drink remember”

“Is that a good idea Amy?”

“One drink, come on”

I placed my bag back on the floor and sat back down at the table.

“One drink then!”

“Excellent, what can I get you?” Amy asked a broad smile etched onto her features.

“Half a cider please” I said.

She nodded and headed towards the bar and at that moment I promised myself that it would be only one drink!

The End

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