Cara: Dance With MeMature

"Is she alright?" I asked Sam. She had just returned inside, and I'd seen her leave with Anna. Part of me expected one of them to come back with a broken nose, and by one of them I had meant Anna. Sam could take care of herself.

"Yes, she's fine. Just wanted to clear the air."

"Oh. Good, good." I took another sip of wine.

"Are you ok? That's your second glass you're on."

"Fine, fine. Ok, so I'm a little nervous, but other than that..."

"Thought you  were the one telling me to calm down?"

"I am... Ok ok, so I'm a little wound up. But I'm calming. Calming." I talked myself down and took another sip of wine to help.

"Just, try not to get drunk ok?"

"Sorry mum." I retorted, but playfully. "I won't. Best behaviour." I nodded, winking at her. "Besides, if I was drunk then I wouldn't be able to dance wiht you properly. And I've been looking forward to that for ages."

"Good. Oh crap, they're starting to arrive. I love you, wish me luck?"

"Good luck." I kissed her gently and she went to let people in and greet them. Anna appeared with the group that had arrived, and she looked a little shaken, but otherwise alright. A little like me. The jazz band struck up, and I went over to Liam who was sitting down. "Hey."

"Hey. Sit down, relax."

"I wish I could."

"Anna said you were nervous. What's up?"

"The only two exes I have in the world are here, and my current girlfriend, one of them is still in love with me, the other is eyeing up my girlfriend, and I have to sing in front of all these people."

"Yup, sounds insane. If it'll take your mind off of it, I think Jak likes Ali."

"Yeah, I worked that one out genius." We both peered at them across the floor. Ali was sitting next to Jak who was chatting animatedly. She seemed interested in everything he was saying. I didn't know whether she was interested in him though.

"So do you reckon it'll happen?"

"No idea. Depends on Ali."

"Guess it does."

"If it does, I hope he treats her right. She's been through enough shit."

"What, liking you and Anna?" I turned and gave him a 'what the hell?' look. "I'm not completely blind. And it didn't go very well for either did it? I think she deserves someone nice."

"And that's Jak?"

"Yeah. He's actually a decent guy, under it all."

"I know. I just wonder whether he's the guy for her."

"Well, as you said, depends on her doesn't it?"

"It sure does."

By now there were a lot of people in the room. About fifty I would say. They all seemed to have arrived at the same moment, and were clustering at the door to all say hello to Sam before coming in. Someone sat next to me.

"Busy isn't it?" Amy.

"Yeah, just a bit. Amy, Liam, Liam, Amy."

"Nice to meet you!" They said in unison.

"So, how'd Sam pull this off anyhow? This place must cost a fortune."

"She's a great business woman."

"I can see that. Hoow long have you two been dating?"

"Almost eight months."

"Things are starting to get serious then."

"Yeah. I think so." I smiled. "So when are you performing?"

"In about ten minutes."

"What type of dance?"


"Your routine?"

"Naturally. Look Cara, what's with the third degree?"


"You get all... territorial when I'm near."

"Well, you were checking out my girlfriend."

"Sam? She's not my type." She chuckled. I stared.

"Oh. Sorry then."

"No problem. Actually, I was more looking at her." She pointed at Anna. I almost choked.


"Yes. I mean I know she's your friend..."

"And my ex."

"Oh. Well maybe I shouldn't..."

"I think you should." Liam interjected. I turned to stare at him. Had everyone gone insane?

"Really? Cara would you be ok with that...?" She asked as I turned to stare at her.

"Um... well yeah I guess... but she's pretty hung up on... someone."

"Well, I can only try." She smiled. "Thanks." Then she got up and went over to Anna. Holy crap.

"What was that about?" I turned to Liam and pushed him a little.

"What? You're not in to her, so what's the problem?"

"No problem. But you know that she's going to turn her down, so why even bother?"

"Like she said, she can only try."


Amy's dance was incredible. I had to give it to her, she really was good at her job. Anna was watching with interest, but I knew she wasn't really bothered about Amy. I wondered whether I should  be happy about that or not. Probably not, but it did make me a little happy that she wasn't immediately throwing away all her feelings for me. Is that selfish? Yes. But it didn't matter. Because I didn't want her. Right now, all I wanted was to have my dance with Sam, but she was still so busy... Hands trailed down my arms and teeth nibbled on my ear.

"I think that's just about everyone. How about that dance?"

Amy's routine finished and everyone clapped. The dancers took their bows as Sam and I both applauded, and then the band started up again.

"Shall we?" I asked, almost in reply to her question.

"We shall." She smiled, and took my hand. We moved over to the floor in front of the band and I put my hand on her shoulder, my other in hers. We swayed in time to the music, and she smiled at me. "I love that we can do this."

"What, dance together?"

"No. That I can look you straight in the eyes and know that you love me. And that you can do the same. Most people are too short for me." She ended on a joke to lighten the tone. 

"Well I am wearing heels."

"That you are. And that dress."

"Mmm, doesn't seem to be having it's normal effect on you though."

"Trust me, it is. I'm just better prepared this time. And I know we have to make it back to one of our places before I tear it off you this time," She muttered, making tingles go down my spine. "Because I'm not sure the manager would be happy about me doing it behind a display board here."

I giggled and pressed myself a little closer to her.

"Perhaps there's somewhere else...?"

She caught her breath and shook her head slightly.

"You know, considering you were pretty much innocent when I met you, you've turned in to quite the temptress."

"Only for you." I muttered, remembering what Liam had said about making it obvious.

"I'm so glad. I wouldn't be able to do half the things we do if someone else was there." She whispered, her breath on my neck making my skin tingle deliciously.

"If you don't stop flirting we're going to have to find somewhere here." I said, chastising her with a slight nudge.

"I believe you started it." She chuckled, looking at me once again.

"Maybe I did. But that's only because I like watching you want me." She paused, the swaying stopping momentarily. She leaned in very close till her lips brushed mine, and then moved closer so they tickled my ear.

"I always want you." She whispered. The words had an instant affect, with warmth rushing through my body accompanied by the most delightful shiver I'd experienced.

"Oooh" I muttered, my fingers putting a little more pressure on her shoulder as I tried to control my expression. "You're a terrible person."

"Got you." She chuckled deeply, and then returned to her own space, beginning to sway again. I glared at her, but it was difficult.

At least now I was fully relaxed.

The End

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