Anna: A Word Of WarningMature

Cara was stressing, I could tell she was, I could see it on her face, in her eyes and more specifically in the way she had drunk two glasses of wine in the space of fifteen minutes. I would have gone up to her and given her a hug and told her to calm down but under the circumstances I thought it would be best if I didn’t. Also she was entangled in Sam’s arms each time I saw her which gave me more of a reason not to go over.

I could tell that now Cara knew how I felt about her and I knew that she didn’t feel the same way, our friendship had been strained, and there wasn’t the same spark there anymore. I grabbed a glass of wine off a tray that was passing me, carried by a pretty young lady and took a sip. I was determined to enjoy the evening despite the tension in the air between Cara and I. I didn’t feel as though I could approach Cara anymore and it was all because I couldn’t keep schtum about my emotions and it hurt.

I figured since everything was nearly set up that I would take a seat and let everyone else do all the hard work and worrying, and it seemed that I wasn’t the only one to do that as I noted that Ali was nowhere to be seen. I sat down and sipped my wine, my mind elsewhere until Liam flopping into a chair next to me brought me back to the here and now.

“Oh, hey Liam….” I said looking at him quizzically as Liam would have been the last person I would have thought would be skiving off setting up.

“Everything all set up?” I asked.

“Just about, thought I’d sit down for five minutes before we start properly, I haven’t stopped! Are you looking forward to it?” he asked.

I nodded, “Yeah it should be brilliant, Sam’s done a good job on it all” I said with a smile.

“Yeah she has, I don’t know why she is so stressed…” I took a sip of wine before continuing, “her and Cara” I said nodding my head in the direction of Cara who was flitting around the whole room along with Sam making sure that everything was just right before getting started.

“Yeah…. Um Anna, your not going to ruin things tonight with your crush on Cara are you?” Liam asked.

At this I dropped my wine glass which shattered on the floor; thankfully there was only a drop of wine left in the bottom so not much wine was wasted.  “How can you say that?” I hissed angrily at Liam, shifting my feet out the way so one of the waitresses who had hurried over could clean up the glass.

“Well she is smitten with Sam and I know you love her and she is worried that you still want her, and that’s putting strain on her and Sam’s relationship.”

“How dare you!” I said glaring at Liam, “I love Cara and because I love her I respect her wishes and if that’s with another woman then I will respect that!”

“Well I hope so!” Liam said, “You might want to let Sam know that you are no threat to their relationship then. Put their minds at ease.”

“Fine” I said annoyed that Liam was being an interference, “not to be rude Liam but this is actually none of your business, however I will take your idea of talking to Sam and putting their minds at ease.”

“Fair enough, well catch her now while she is on her own.”

I nodded and got to my feet, stepping over to the broken glass and heading towards Sam who was straightening leaflets on a table, she looked up as I approached.

“Oh hey Anna, you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, umm can I have a quick word with you please Sam, outside?”

“Sure…” she said uncertainly following me outside, away from all the chatter of people, “Very ominous Anna?” she said an note of uncertainty and questioning in her voice.

“Yeah, look I am not going to beat around the bush so I am just going to come out with it. I don’t want you and Cara to feel as though I am a threat to your relationship. I admit I love Cara. I love her so much it hurts to see her with another woman but if you make her happy then I respect that. How could I hurt her so much if I claim to love her?”

“Thank you Anna” Sam said with a smile.

“Your welcome, I just wanted to make that clear.” I said.

“Thanks again, I have to get back inside now.” She said before turning on her heal and walking back inside. I leaned against the cool stone wall of the building before sliding down and sitting on the cold floor. I just needed a bit of fresh air before going back inside.

The End

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