Cara: The Art of DancingMature

Sound check finished, I went to help Sam with the caterers. Anna however had beaten me to it. I watched, leaning on a post, as they worked together. If only it was as harmonious as it seemed.

I could sense, having gotten to know her, that Sam was both nervous, and a little angry. I could only guess that the anger was towards Anna, but I hoped I was wrong. I didn't want them to be always arguing, always having to see me seperately. It would be too painful.

"You alright?" Liam asked, coming up behind me.


"You don't look it."


"No, I mean you're looking at the two of them like you have to save one of their lives and you don't know which one."

"Sounds pretty dramatic."

"Cara. If you need to talk about it... I'm just saying I'm here."

I smiled and gave him a hug.

"Thanks. But seriously, I'm alright. Just a little... well I guess stressed is the word."

"Stressed. About two people liking you at the same time? If you were a guy it'd be so much easier."

"Neither of them would like me if I were a guy."

"Well, maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't. But neither of them will like you if you keep being so indecisive."

"Indecisive? I chose Sam."

"Yes, but Anna still thinks there's hope. And Sam still thinks you might go for Anna."

I groaned.

"But I won't."

"Are you sure? There's a lot of history between you two..."

"...But I don't want her."

"Then you've got to make that so obvious to Sam that she hasn't got cause to worry."

"I don't know how else I can tell her..."

"Don't tell her. Show her."


"That is totally up to you. But just try not to leave Anna out in the process. Don't lose your friend over a girl you haven't really known all that long..."

"...Liam, I've known her for almost eight months."


Sam appeared and slipped her arm round my waist, planting a kiss on my temple.

"Hey. Alright Liam?" She asked, turning to him. "Everything ready?"

"Yeah, all set up and ready to go."

"Great. Well the jazz band are here, so they're going to set up around your equiptment; don't worry they won't move anything."

"Alright, I'll give them a hand."

"Great, thanks." Liam turned and stode off towards the musicians. "That looked like a rather serious conversation you two were having." Sam muttered in to my neck once he'd gone.

"Oh you know, music is very serious." I joked, giggling as she kissed my neck. "Sam..."

"Hmmm?" She took my hand in hers and entwined our fingers.

"I love you. Stop being nervous, everything will be fine."

"I'm not nervous."

"Liar." I narrowed my eyes playfully.

She let out a breath and sagged a little.

"I'm terrified. I've never organised anything this huge before. Bringing all the arts together... I just don't know how it will go."

"Sam, you're wonderful, smart and a great business woman with an eye for art. Your art evening will go brilliantly. It's right up your street."

"But I..."

"No buts. Now look, the band are set up, your food is out, and I think your dancers have arrived." I said, glancing over her shoulder. I recognised them from the university. "Everything is running to plan, and all you have to do now is greet everyone. The rest will basically run itself. Then you can sit back and relax, maybe dance with your super hot girlfriend in her super hot dress..." I winked at her, "And just enjoy yourself. Ok?"

"Ok. You're the boss."

"Mmm, I kind of like the thought of that." I grinned, pulling her blazer so I could kiss her.

"Cara?" We broke off this kiss as I turned. Amy stood there, hair in a bun, a bag slung over her shoulder.

"Amy? What are... are you here to dance?"

"Yes. One of our dancers broke her ankle the other day, I had to fill in... this must be your girlfriend?"

"Yes, Sam this is Amy, Amy, this is Sam."

They shook hands and muttered 'nice to meet you'.

"Not the Sam in charge of this event?"


"Well, thank you for inviting us. It's really great what you're doing, getting the community together."

"Thank you." Sam smiled shyly. "Sorry, I have to go and talk to the actors. It was nice to meet you Amy."

"You too." Sam kissed my cheek gently and then hurried over to where the actors had just entered.

"So, how've you been?" Amy asked, pulling on her bag strap.

"Good. You?" I asked, smiling.

"Good. I've got to say, you look incredible."


"And your girlfriend... she's... well she's hot."

I laughed.

"Yeah, she is isn't she?"

"So you and Anna didn't work out?"

"No, we didn't. Too much... I don't know. But it was over months ago and I love Sam."

"Something tells me that's a sore point."

"Yeah. Little bit. Anyway, I'd better go and get ready. I can't wait to see you dance."

"Thanks. See you in a bit."


With that I went over to where Sam was now pouring a glass of wine and slipped my hand in to her back pocket, draping my arm round her waist in the process.

"Pour me one?"

The End

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