Cara: The Arts EveningMature

"I told her." I said, finding Ali and Liam still in the living room. Jak and Callum were there too. They'd obviously been told what was going on.

"Hey Cara, don't worry about it." Jak said.

"Cheers Jak." Ali muttered.

"Look, it's not her fault Ali. Just because Anna has a thing for her... Cara loves Sam, I'm pretty sure that's obvious."

Ali crossed her arms and frowned, but I could see it'd made sense to her. I gave Jak a small thankful smile. We fell in to silence, and then I heard Anna's door open and her footsteps down the stairs.

"Oh. Hey. Are you guys here to get ready for the arts thing?" I didn't even dare look at her but I knew she was putting on a brave face.

"Um, yeah. Liam's not letting me get ready on my own. Reckons I'll screw things up don't you Liam?" Jak joked. "What he doesn't realise is suits really get the ladies, so I'll be so smart James Bond will look like a hobo."

I momentarily forgot the awkwardness of the situation to stare at Jak.

"Did you actually just say that?" Ali said, obviously dumbfounded.

"Yes. Yes I did." We stared at him. "What?"

"Nothing, nothing." Liam said, shaking his head. "So hadn't we better get ready? Sam said the van will be coming to grab the instruments at half five so we have time to set up and do a sound test. Callum you're going in the van and me, Jak, Ali and Anna are going in a taxi right?" There were murmurs in agreement. "So you girls realise you've only got an hour before pick up right?"

"Shit." I muttered and jumped up, running to my room. I heard running feet behind me, meaning Ali and Anna were both doing the same.

I couldn't stand the silence, so I went in to my room and put my music on full blast. As I danced around, trying to get all my anxieties out, I decided to take a shower. That would calm my nerves.

I slipped under the warm jets and let the heat wash away my troubles. I shaved, then stepped out and cleaned my teeth. I took my new black lace panties and black lace bra out of the bag and slipped them on. Then I carefully pulled up my skin coloured tights and brought the dress out from the wardrobe and hung it up on the door. Makeup and hair next.

I wanted to look perfect for Sam tonight. She'd been under a lot of stress, and despite my tearful visit to Pieces this afternoon, I'd hardly seen her. It wasn't like were growing apart, but the lack of time we'd spent together had taken a bit of a toll. I missed her, and she was so exhausted when I saw her that we never really did anything. To be honest I was a little bit, frustrated. Selfish I know, but I missed sex. God, I was turning in to Jak. I applied my foundation and powder and sighed. Maybe it was this whole Anna thing, but I just really needed something to take my mind off everything.

I lined my eyes with black, making them look huge. A bit of eyeshadow, a dash of lip gloss and I was done. I grabbed my hair mousse and hairspray, and gave my hair a sexy messed up look. Then I washed my hands and let the black dress slip over my head. I grabbed my heels- not insanely high ones because I remembered Sam wanting to dance with me- and hurried out and back in to the living room. Liam, Jak and Callum were all sat there in suits. Tuxedo rentals to be exact. Although Jak's was actually his own- rich parents again.

"Woah. Cara- why the hell are you a lesbian?" Jak complained. Then he chuckled. "No, joking aside, you look amazing."

"You do Cara. Really hot." Callum agreed.

"Sam's a lucky girl." Liam said. I felt my cheeks flame brighter at each compliment. 

"Thanks guys. I'm so nervous."

"Don't be. We're going to kill this."

"I hope so."

Ali appeared then, in the pink dress she'd let me borrow for my date with Sam. 

"Wow Ali, you look... amazing." Jak said, standing up. 

"Thank you Jak." She smiled. He moved over so she could sit down. I noticed him looking at her with a little touch of  awe on his face as she looked over at Liam and Callum to say how nice they looked. Strange, is that Jak's infatuated face...? Anna's arrival drew me from my thoughts as I turned round, fully intent on being normal with her. She wore a tight blue dress that gave her even more figure. She looked good. 

"Hey Anna, you look great." I smiled. 

"Thanks, you too!" She grinned. 

So this is what it's going to be like. We're all going to pretend like nothing happened. Ok then. Liam's phone rang and he announced the van was outside with their taxi. I followed them to the door, helping to carry some of the instruments. 

"See you there." Liam grinned, giving me a hug. 

"Yeah, behave till I get there won't you?" I said, pointing at Jak. 

"Hey, I always behave." He muttered, casting a glance at Ali. Oh my god he likes her. 

"See you there then." I said, and watched them all clamber in the taxi. Then I went inside and turned off my music, packing my essentials in to my bag. There was a knock at the door after ten minutes, and it was Sam, come to pick me up. 

She was wearing smart black tailored trousers, a white shirt and a black waistcoat with patterns on the back in purple. Over it she wore her long black coat. 

"Hello gorgeous," She muttered, kissing me. I flamed a little and pressed myself against her. 

"Mmm," I moaned as we pulled apart, "You look good."

"So do you. That dress..." She tutted, "You look good enough to eat."

"Now?" I asked, running my hands over the lines of her coat. 

"Later." She muttered, kissing me. "I don't want to mess up your dress, or your hair. Or your vocal chords for that matter..." She winked and kissed me again. 

"Well let's go then." I smiled and stepped out in to the cold, locking the door and slipping the keys in to my bag. I tucked my arm in hers and she led me to the car. 

The End

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