Cara: No, No, No...Mature

It only took me one bewildered second before I shot off the bed and away from Anna's lips. Tears filled my eyes and I couldn't stand to be in the room anymore. I pelted down the stairs and across the corridor. Ali came out of her room and shouted after me, but I slammed the door behind me and stumbled down the steps in to the cool fresh air.

My teeth chattered and each tear clung in a viciously cold pin prick to my cheeks. I could feel the sting in my eyes and the numbness of my nose. This was all too much. I'd been excited that Anna was back, but I thought I was safe. I thought she didn't remember how she'd felt. And then the kiss...

"Cara? What are you doing here... are you ok?" Sam came out of Pieces, having seen me through the window.

"Anna's back..."

"I know, I saw her yesterday remember?"

"No she... she remembers. At least I think she does... she kissed me."

Sam looked critiquely at me for a moment.


"And what?" I asked, wiping fresh tears from my face.

"How was it?"

"Are you still concerned that I might have feelings for her? Seriously?" I could feel anger bursting inside of me and Sam hurriedly shook her head.

"No. But... I get jealous."

"You don't need to be."

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't. I can't help it. Anna is, fairly good looking, and you've known her all your life. I worry."

"Fairly good looking?"

"She's not my cup of tea."

"And I am?"

"Yes. And as you know, I'm very good at cups of tea."

I grinned through my tears and shook my head. She kissed me gently and gave me a reassuring hug.

"You need to talk to her. That's the only thing I can suggest."

"I know. I know."


I shut the door behind me quietly. I'd been going over and over what I wanted to say, but I knew that as soon as I got in front of Anna it would all go out the window.

Liam and Ali were sat in the living room. Both were in stony silence.

"Hello?" I muttered after I'd been standing there a while without them noticing me. "Is everything alright?"

Ali glared at me and crossed her arms. Liam shot me a pitying look before speaking.

"We've been talking to Anna. She remembers everything. She told Ali that she didn't love her. That she loved you."

I groaned.


"Save it." Ali muttered.

"Ali I don't love her. Not like that. I can't help what she feels can I?"

"Then why'd you kiss her this morning?"

"I didn't. She kissed me!"

Ali snorted and shook her head. Liam rolled his eyes at me.

"Cara I think you'd better talk to her. We've got Sam's art evening tonight and I can't watch you two at daggers all evening. This needs sorting now."

"Why'd you think I came back?" I muttered. "I'll go up now." I left the room without another word and marched upstairs. "Anna?" I called, knocking on her door. There were hurried footsteps and the door swung open. Anna stood there, a smile on her face.

"Oh thank god, I thought I'd frightened you off!" She jumped towards me, for a hug or a kiss I wasn't sure, but I moved back anyway. She stopped, offended and upset. 

"Anna... I can't. I don't feel for you like that... I just, don't."

"But you kissed me back... didn't you?"

"No... if I did I didn't mean to. Anna I love Sam. More than anything. And I love you just, not in the same way. You'll always be my best friend but, nothing more. Do you understand? I don't want to hurt you,  just want you to know..."

"Cara I... I remembered everything as soon as I kissed you... that's got to mean something to you... it means something to me..."

"It just means you feel for me...  I can't stop your emotions. But I can't give them any hope either. I'm sorry Anna... I really am."

The End

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