Anna: More Than Just A KissMature

“Hello?” a voice asked through the intercom,

“Hello, I’m just returning my daughter Anna Hawman back to her house, she has been at home due to medical reasons” my dad said calmly.

“Just wait for the green light,” the man replied before cutting out and his voice was replaced with a long continuous beep. The barrier poles lowered and the green light switched on allowing my father access to the car park.

“We’re here” my dad smiling at me through the gaps in the seat, I grinned back at him before unbuckling my seatbelt and clambering out the car into the cool breeze.

“Open the boot dad, let me carry something,” I said cheerily, and I was handed a box to carry. “Do they know that I am coming back today?” I asked as we walked down the street of student flats with their slightly overgrown patched of grass which constituted a front garden.

“Yeah they have been rung and I think they are really looking forward to having you back! I know they have missed you so much, especially Cara. A pang of annoyance rang through me as there was still a radar blank spot where my memories of Cara should be.

We reached the front door and I jammed my key eagerly into the lock and pushed the door open. My dad took the lead and we climbed up the steep stairs towards my bedroom, I unlocked the door and we dumped my things inside but didn’t bother to unpack them as a call from downstairs distracted me.

“Anna, is that you?” a voice called, I turned on my heel and almost flew down the stairs. Cara was standing at the foot of the stairs, a wide smile on her face and her eyes glittering with unshed tears. She pulled me into a tight hug and let out an elated sob. “Its so good to have you back, I have really missed you!!”  she told my shoulder. I pulled her to arms length and looked at her, my heart shattering once more as I tried and failed to remember her and I thought I saw it in her eyes too. She knew I still couldn’t remember her.

The other girl Ali, appeared at Cara’s shoulder smiling warmly at me too, I could tell she had been waiting in her room, not wanting to seem too keen but I could tell she had been looking forward to seeing me. Another pang as the memories of Ali were also still missing.

“We’re going to make tracks now Anna darling, leave you to settle in again” my dad said coming down the stairs from my room.

“Take care” my mum said giving me a kiss and my dad wrapped a loving arm around me and pulled me in.

“Ring us if you remember anything” my mum said when she was at the door.

“Don’t worry, I will and I am sure these two will make sure I will…”  I said with a smile at my mum as she left.


Several days later I had gotten myself into a steady routine and seemed to be finally getting back on track apart from the gaping reality that I could remember my best friend and the girl who claims to my girlfriend. And it hurt.

Sitting in my room, I had been flicking through some pictures on my laptop of Cara, Ali and me and trying hard to remember but to no avail. I knew that there was something special but I just couldn’t remember. I could see in both Ali and Cara’s eyes how much it was hurting them knowing that the only thing I still couldn’t remember was them. Moreover, because I didn’t remember Ali, meant that she wasn’t getting the intimacy she would expect from her girlfriend as all my feelings for her were scrambled.

There was a soft tap on my bedroom door and I looked up from my computer screen to see Cara standing in the doorway, I smiled and she saw that as a sign for her to enter.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asked sitting on my bed next to me.

“Oh nothing, just looking though some pictures I have on here…” I gestured to my laptop, “thought they might trigger something …” my voice cracked and I quickly rubbed my eyes to stop the tears from falling.

“Hey, don’t get yourself upset,” Cara said wrapping a loving arm around me, “we’ll get there in the end, don’t you worry. Whether you remember me or not, I am still here for you. I’m still your best friend!  She gave me a reassuring smile which I returned rather weakly. Her scent filled my nostrils and it was only then I realised how close to me she actually was. I stared unblinkingly at her for a moment then an impulse overcame me. I moved my head forward and pressed my lips against hers.

For a split second I thought I felt Cara respond to the kiss but then she pulled away, tears filling her eyes. She jumped off the bed as though she had been electrocuted and backed out the room, her eyes streaming now.

The kiss had however been enough, it was as though all the lights had been turned back on, as though a power-cut had been fixed inside my brain as I now sat there and could remember … everything.

The End

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