Anna: ReturningMature

This Cara girl must really care; she rang my mobile every day for the next week and a half checking on how I was. I kept telling her that I was getting there and I could now remember my parents, my pets, the surroundings, my favourite foods and the programmes I liked on television but when she asked tentatively whether I remember I could remember her, or Ali or any of the other housemates I had to admit to her that was a blank spot. I still couldn’t understand how I knew her or how she knew me but I could tell that the phrase, “No I still cant remember you” was ripping right through her.

After about a month of being at home going stir crazy I plucked up the courage to ask my parents whether they would consider letting me return to university. I had been logging onto the university system from home and using all my fathers ink to print off each and every lecture and seminar slides that I missed and annotating them accordingly, using my books as a guide to help me. All my previous knowledge about psychology I could now remember, which made the university work a lot easier to manage. The exams that I had missed as part of my ICA had been rearranged for me to take when I felt ready so I felt that I should be allowed to return to university. Maybe then I would remember Cara.

“Well, I’m not sure Anna, your still struggling to remember some things…” my dad said cautiously but staring at my mum and studying her expression too.

“Dad, maybe going back to university will be the stimulus I need to remember the things I have forgotten!” I said, knowing that would convince him.

“Well I suppose…” my dad said slowly, looking at my mum again but her face showed no expression, indicating that she didn’t have any opinion on the matter. “I’ll ring the doctor and see what he says,” my dad said picking up the phone.

The End

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