Anna: Down and OutMature

I pulled on a purple dress that I had been dying to wear for ages which pulled my body in at all the right places, some dark tights and some knee high leather boots and looked at myself in the mirror. I had straightened my hair which made it look longer than it actually was as it was nearly reaching my bottom when normally when it was curled it reached the small in my back. I looked like a totally different person which makeup applied and hair straightened and I felt like it too – not that I was trying to impress anyone. Ali loved me however I looked, whether that be glammed up to the nines or makeup less and hair mussed up from sleep, and that’s what made her so special to me.

I grabbed my bag and pulled it over my head and left the room, heading downstairs and into the hallway where everyone, including Ali was waiting impatiently for me.

“What took you?” Liam asked with the air of a person who had been waiting hours when in fact he had only been waiting ten minutes. Fifteen at most.

“Wow you look hot!” Ali complemented, giving me a kiss, and causing Jak to wolf whistle loudly at us, I ignored him and pushed my lips harder against Ali’s.

“Are we ever going to go or are we going to have to go without you both?” Cara said and I could tell she was rolling her eyes at me even though I couldn’t see her. I pulled away from Ali and smiled, looping Ali’s arm though my right arm, “Come on then, let’s go party!”


More than several drinks later in The Fringe and quite a few of our party were dancing wildly and not just on the dance floor, Ali had taken to using one table whose occupants had left looking disgruntled as her personal stage. She had a bottle of VK clutched tightly in one hand and a cocky drunken grin plastered all over her features. I on the other hand was nursing a pint of cider and was determined to make it last as long as possible so unlike Ali I had a relatively clear sober head on my shoulders. Cara had been dancing with Liam but when she saw that I was the only one not dancing she weaved in and out of the dancing crowd and flopped into a seat next to me.

“Why are you not dancing?” she shouted over the music but I still couldn’t really hear her as the live band had just started banging the drums loudly making it almost impossible to hear someone even if they were practically bellowing down your ear.

I gestured towards the door which led into the toilets which I knew would be a lot quieter, Cara nodded but looked slightly agitated to be taken away and followed, bobbing her head slightly to the music until we went through a set of double doors which muffled the music and down a flight of stairs which led to the girl toilets.

“Why weren’t you dancing?” Cara asked, slightly irritated that I had taken her away from the action, I may be her best friend but she was still quite hot-headed at times.

“I was just drinking in my surroundings” I said and Cara glared at me,


“No its true!” I protested, “after last time when I got absolutely shitfaced, I was just going at my own pace and plus my feet were killing me in these boots so I needed to sit down!”

“Anna you have been sat down most of the night” Cara said, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, I said we should all go out partying and then you turn into an unsociable bugger when we get there and don’t even dance or even have the decency to look as though you are even having a good time!”

“I was having a good time!”

“Could have fooled me” Cara snapped.

“Well you only go out nowadays when Sam gives you permission” I retorted angrily,

“Out of order Anna!” Cara said staring daggers at me, cold fury in her eyes, “I knew that I wasn’t spending enough time with you or the band as I have been so wrapped up with my relationship with Sam and I said that I wanted a night out with you guys. She didn’t allow me, I told her what I was doing. Its not like when you’re in a relationship and your boyfriend slash girlfriend are manipulative and controlling.”

“Now that’s uncalled for!” I shouted backing away from Cara with tears brimming my eyes, “At least when I am in a relationship, I never forget the people who mean the most to me. The people aside from my boyfriend or girlfriend that I love just as much.

“Oh and who might that be?”

“My family, my friends and most importantly you Cara. I love you Cara and always have. I thought it was just me loving you as a best friend but its something more than that and I think you know that.

Cara stepped back now, her eyes welling with unshed tears, “No” she sobbed, “No No No, you’re wrong! You know I have a girlfriend …. Why would you say that? You have a girlfriend too so why would you say that?” she sobbed.

I shrugged. “Because it’s true.”

I blinked and a tear splashed onto my cheek which I brushed away, keeping eye contact with Cara who stood in the doorway not saying anything and after a moment she turned on her heel and fled and I was left in the bathroom all alone, her sobs growing fainter and fainter.

I locked myself in a cubicle and crumpled into a pile sobbing , and questioning why I had said what I had and whether it had even been true. It must have been! After what seemed an age I unbolted the door and decided that I needed to find Cara and explain but I only managed to get as far as the bathroom door when it swung open and hit me hard knocking me to the ground. The last thing I remember before sounds merged into each other and my vision blurred into blackness was the pounding of my head from where is had smacked against the floor and slurred voices – I had no idea’s who’s voices though.


Bright artificial light streamed through my still closed eyelids which seemed heavy and with what was a struggle I opened my eyes and allowed my eyes to focus on the people surrounding my bed.

“Oh thank god you’re awake Anna, you had me so worried. I’m so sorry about before are you alright?” a pretty girl with a brown pixie cut and deep brown eyes said but I didn’t recognise her.

“Yeah, you had me very worried” another girl chipped in.

“What happened” I asked licking my dry lips which refused to moisten.

“You banged your head” the first girl said, “and have been unconscious for hours!” the second added.

“And where am i?”

“Your in hospital Anna”

“Who’s  Anna?” I asked confused.

“You are” the first girl said looking very scared, “Oh no, please no” the girl started pleading making me even more confused.

“Please no what?” I asked,

“Anna, do you know who any of us are?” the girl asked gesturing first at her and then at the others with her.

“Should I?” I asked getting annoyed now.

“Anna its me, Its Cara – your best friend!”

The End

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