Cara: Anna TimeMature

I slept fitfully that night, curled in Sam's arms. I was too stressed about the incident to sleep properly, and gave up at six in the morning. Sam found me half an hour later, eating toast in the kitchen.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah. No. Not really."

"What's wrong? Besides the obvious."

"I just... I wasn't prepared for this. You know. I thought everything was safe. I thought everything was going so well. It just... it just hit me I guess."

"Did you copy any of your files?"

"They were the copies. I had them written down too... but I don't understand why anyone would take my folder. I mean, what idiot takes a folder?"

"They probably thought it had bank details in it."

"I don't know. It's still stupid." I sighed. "Anyway, I can photocopy Ali's notes, and I think I saved a few of them on to my USB. It'll be alright it's just... I could really do without having to buy new stuff you know? And it's the photos and music I'm upset about."

"Well you can log on to your itunes and retrieve most of that from your new laptop. And the photos will be on facebook..."

Clarity filled my head.

"Of course! I'd forgotten about that. I'm just so stressed."

"Want to go for a jog? That might help."

"You're the perfect woman. You realise this yes?"

"Nobody is perfect Cara." She muttered, kissing me fondly.

"Well you're perfect enough for me. But in all seriousness, I'm going to have to spend time with Anna. Did you see her face when you said you wanted me to come to yours?"

"Yes. I am worried about that you know. She hasn't seen enough of you. Spend some time with her. I don't mind. I can share my nights with you. And I should really concentrate on setting up this arts evening."

"Which one?"

"You know. The big meal, the dancing, the exhibitions... I told you."

"I remember. You invited me remember?"

"I do. And now I'll extend that to Anna and Ali, and Liam if he wants to come. I think you'd enjoy it. In fact I was thinking about asking your band to play. Not quite the club music you're used to, but if you wouldn't mind some softer songs..."

"I'll ask. Thank you." I kissed her, wrapping my arms around her neck. "Come on then, let's jog."

We got ready and went for our jog, and I stopped at my house, kissing Sam goodbye.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Go out with Anna tonight. Party. Have fun with her."

"I love you." I replied, kissing her. She replied the same, then jogged off. I went in and showered.


"Hey Anna." I knocked on her door. "Want to go out tonight? Me, you, Ali and Liam maybe?"

Anna appeared at the door.

"Sounds good." She was keeping the door close.

"Ali's in there isn't she?" I whispered.

She nodded and grinned.

"Alright well, we'll do it. We could go to Fringe?"

"Yeah. I'd like that." She grinned.

"Ok cool. I'll go tell Liam. And I guess you'll tell Ali. Hey Ali!" I yelled and ran down the stairs before Anna could swipe at me.

I knocked on Liam's door and he appeared, bleary eyed.

"What part of student doesn't sit well with you?" He muttered.

"The lazy stereotype. Tonight, Fringe, you in?"

"Yeah sure."

"Good. Oh and Sam's asked if the band can play at this art gig she's doing. It's fancy, you know, smart, and she wants us to play... well you know, like fancy music? Not orchestra stuff, but she says softer than we're used to. You know, not club music? Do you think we'd be up for it?"

"Yeah, we can have a go. We could get the guys round this afternoon and have a chat."

"Ok cool. I'll invite them to tonight too."

"Alright. Goodnight." He yawned.

"It's morning lazy!"

Then I went to my room and called the guys, and then the crime number the police man had given me. Yes they could indeed reimburse me for some of the laptop and ipods worth. I gave them the details they needed and they said the money would be in my bank within fourty-eight hours, after they had followed up with the police. I sat back and grinned. Sam had been right. A jog had helped me clear my mind, and I was feeling surprisingly productive.

The End

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