Anna: Compensation Go AheadMature

“Yes, this door was definitely broken into, the lock has been tampered with” the police officer said examining the door closely, “with some brute force I may add” she said and out of the corner of my eye I saw Sam shift uncomfortably on her feet.

“Check for fingerprints” the officer barked at one of her colleagues and again Sam shifted uncomfortably on her feet, edging towards the door to the kitchen.

The officer turned around the face us and addressed a still crying Cara, “I can give you a crime number which you need to ring and they will ask you to quote some reference numbers relating to the products stolen which was a Toshiba laptop and a ipod nano  am I right?”


“and they will be able to reimburse you, which can go towards going buying a new laptop and ipod as I don’t think we have got any fingerprints to go on?” she turned to look at her colleague who shook his head.

“as for the notes I am afraid there is nothing I can do for you there, other than suggest you back up your files online next time and try and get someone from your course to go through the important notes with you!” she said and Cara looked at Ali who nodded and it was my turn to shift uncomfortably. I didn’t know why the fact that Ali and Cara would be spending more time together made me uncomfortable but for some reason it did. “What if Ali still had feelings for Cara?” “What if Cara developed feelings for Ali?” I knew I was being irrational but it didn’t stop me thinking it.

“Okay, thanks, and again thank you for coming so late” Sam said showing the officer and her colleague out.

“Well that was nerve wrecking, what if they had found my fingerprints!” Sam said but we could tell she was joking now that she had gotten away with getting Cara compensation for her things and they didn’t find any of her fingerprints.

“Yeah your telling me!” I said,

“….So what happens now?” I asked breaking the silence which fell over us as we all stood in the hallway.

“Well I am going to insist on taking Cara back to mine!”

“Oh, okay then Sam” I said, feeling slightly hurt as it had always been me to cheer Cara up when she was upset. Me! Her best friend! And now Sam was about I hardly saw her and we seemed to be drifting further and further apart. Cara was hurting and all I wanted to do now was be there for her as her best friend and Sam wasn’t letting me and it hurt. I knew that I was being somewhat selfish for thinking it but on some occasions I just wanted the Cara I knew before university back!     

“You okay?” Cara asked snapping me back to the present,

“mmm yeah “ I replied unconvincingly, “See you in the morning Cara” I said hugging her close before letting go and watching her follow Sam out of the door.

“Come on,” I said to Ali after a moment, “Lets go to bed!”

The End

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