Cara: Samantha EmergesMature

I curled myself up in the corner of the sofa, and covered my head.


I ignored Anna. I just wanted to be left alone. There was a knock on the door and I heard a pause before Anna’s footsteps headed out of the kitchen. A few seconds later I heard voices down the hallway.

“Where is she?”

“In the kitchen.” Hurried footsteps followed and then the door opened.

“Cara.” Sam’s sympathetic, loving voice filled my ears, and I looked over at her. “Oh no.” She hurried over and pulled me in to a hug, kissing my head. “Don’t cry; we’ll sort it out.”

“How could someone do that? All my work is on there! My notes, my pictures...”

“Some people only think about themselves.”

“Here. Another cup of tea.” Anna put a cup in front of me.

“Thank you. Anna, will you go and check that Ali is alright? And that she hasn’t been robbed. She’s not come back out of her room?” I asked, putting on a brave face. Anna nodded and went to Ali’s door, knocked, then disappeared inside.

“What was that about?”

“Could you make me some tea? The last cup she gave me tasted... well it just wasn’t one of your cups of tea.”

Sam smiled and got up, going to the still warm kettle and setting up a cup of tea. She brought it over and handed it to me.

“Thank you.” I sniffed. I sipped the warm mixture and sighed. “Much better. What can I do?”

“Were you insured?”

“I- I don’t know. The house has contents insurance, as long as my things are in my room.”

“Well they were, so that’s good.”

“I think the room has to be locked for it to count...”

“Well then...” Sam paused for a moment, stood up, and went to the knife board. She picked up the biggest one, and went in to the hall.

“Sam what are you...?” There was a snapping, cracking sound and Sam re-appeared.

“Guess someone broke in.”

I stared at her.

“What did you do?”

“Broke your door.”

I stared at her, unable to comprehend what has just happened.

“I’m sorry... you what?”

“You can get compensation now.”

Anna and Ali appeared from Ali’s room.

“What was that noise?”

“The burglar broke in. That means Cara can get compensation.”

Both Anna and Ali stared at her as I had been doing.

“You, broke her door?” Ali asked.

“The burglar did.”

A laugh escaped my throat, and all three of them looked at me.

“Sorry... I just... thought of something.”

“What?” Anna asked.

“I think Samantha may be making an appearance.” Sam’s lips tweaked. Anna and Ali looked blankly at me.

“She’s lost it.” Anna muttered.

“I understand. It’s just something we’ve talked about... Has anyone called the police?”

“Yes. Our landlord isn’t picking up though.”

“They won’t, not at this time.” Sam replied.

There was a knock at the door.

“That’ll be the police.” Ali said.

The End

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