Anna: Stolen ItemsMature

The sound of chatter and the shutting of the front door announced the return of Cara and Ali, from their English exam. I had got quite a lot of revision done for my psychology exam during the piece and quiet, I had hummed to mellow music whilst making complicated but colourful posters with notes on for the various sections of the exam. I decided to allow my brain a rest and hurried downstairs to see the smiling faces of Ali and Cara which suggested that their exam went okay.

“Hey you both” I said smiling at the pair of them before kissing Ali tenderly on the lips and tasting her raspberry lip balm again. “How’d the exam go?” I asked wrapping an arm around her and following Cara into the kitchen where she had just switched on the kettle.

“As well as could be expected considering my preoccupation with you my sweet nearly made me forget.”

“Hey, its not my fault you love me so much” I said with a small giggle and she kissed me again.

“Hey lovebirds!” Cara called over, “Fancy a girls night out tonight? We can go round the pubs?” she suggested.

“Yeah sounds cool, the pubs are cheaper than the club anyway, or we could go to the Student Union?” I suggested but both Ali and Cara frowned at me.

“We don’t want to go there, it’s naff!” Ali said crinkling her nose which made her look damn sexy.

“Alright then, pubs it is!” I said clapping my hands and smiling broadly at them both.


“Come on Anna, we are waiting!” Cara called up the stairs and grabbing my bag I called back to tell her that I was ready. I slipped out my bedroom and for some strange reason locked my bedroom door (something I never did but thought I should.) I pocketed the key and made my way downstairs where Ali and Cara were waiting impatiently by the door.

“What took you?” Ali asked as we made our way out into the cold air,

“What?” I smiled cheekily at her, “a girl has to look beautiful, especially if she is going out into town. You never know what could happen …. I could get whisked away,” I said earning me a playful punch in the arm from Ali who then looped her arm though mine.

“You know, I never thought you two would become an item but you are both so cute together!”

“Aww thanks Cara, so are you and Sam” I said smiling at her.

“So are you alright with Sam now?” she asked unsure,

“Well what she said stung but it was the truth so yeah I am over it, I needed a kick up the backside to make me stand on my own two feet anyway and what she said was just what the doctor ordered.”

“That’s good!” she said, “Can I ask, where did you go when you disappeared?”

I contemplated for a while whether to tell them the truth as to where I went , and after a moments thought decided I would.

“I found this little village called UnderSillon, which is down a hidden snicket and it’s a very tranquil little village with a wood to one end and a single road heading in and out of it. There was this lady there called Mrs Blenkinsopp who was very nice, I’ll have to go back and tell her that everything worked out after I spoke to her and she took me in for a night after I fell asleep by a tree!” I said.

“That village sounds lovely Anna, when you go back there can I come with you…” Cara began

“And me!” Ali interjected

“I would love to see it!”

“Oh you should, its amazing!”

Our chatter took us right into the centre of town and it was then that we had to choose which bar we wanted to go in first.

“The Panther does cheap drinks and if we go upstairs and pay the £2 we can listen to the local bands and get slightly cheaper drinks than downstairs” I said and Cara and Ali nodded their heads and followed me towards the door. We headed up the stairs and after routing around in my purse pulled out a £2 coin which I put in the collecting box the man was holding. The back of my hand was stamped with pink ink which formed the letter ‘P’ and I entered the room to a explosion of sound filling my ear drums and voices screaming words I couldn’t comprehend over the music.

I had to sign the words ‘What do you want to drink’ by pointing at the bar and pointing first at Ali and then at Cara. They mouthed the words ‘Jager bomb’ and nodding I went up to the bar to order three shots.

After countless drinks and shot I was growing unsteady on my feet – a sure sign that I was getting drunk – and as we staggered to the third pub of the evening which was called ‘The Wagon Wheel’ which was a pub we had never been into and it was full of old men drinking beer, I was sure I heard Ali say or maybe that we should do Tequila and Vodka shots next which I knew would tip me over the edge but I didn’t really care …. I was having fun!

We did in the end do Tequila and Vodka shots and it wasn’t until Ali complained that if she had anymore she would be sick that we decided to call it a night. We wandered the dark streets back to the flat, none of us able to walk in a straight line and all giggling girlishly. It took me four attempts to get the key in the lock and unlock the door (or at least I thought I had unlocked it however when we tried the door to get in it was locked. I unlocked the door, slightly confused as to why the door had been unlocked but didn’t really think anything of it.

“I’ll stick the kettle on” I said, “We all need something to sober us up otherwise we will be hanging in the morning!” I called from the kitchen. Moments later Cara ran into the room looking tear stricken which instantly sobered me up.

“Whats wrong?” I asked, concerned at the fact that my best friend had gone so pale and that her mood had changed so quickly.

“My laptop, I-pod and uni folder with everything in that was all on my desk…”

“What about them?”

“Its been stolen!”

“What! Are you sure?”

“Of course I am sure, that’s why the door wasn’t locked when we got back, we must not have locked it and someone has come into the flat and my room in nearest to the door and they have swiped it!” she sobbed, shaking violently.

“Wait, surely Matt would have heard something,” I countered, leaving the kitchen and heading to Matt’s room and knocking on it, despite it being past midnight. He opened the door, his hair mussed up from sleep and a perplexed look on his features.

“Matt, did you hear anyone come into the house after we had gone out?” I asked him urgency in my voice.

“Nahh Mate, I have been asleep since you left, trying to get rid of this headache I have got. Now if you don’t mind!” he said pulling the door shut.

“Fanfuckingtastic!” I muttered angrily kicking Matt’s door which only achieved me stubbing my toe, I pulled Cara into a hug once i had re-entered the kitchen as she sobbed at the loss of her things.

“Ali, can you do me a favour?” I asked as she entered the room and looked confused as to why Cara was positively balling her eyes out. “Can you call both the police and Sam and tell me to come as quickly as possible!”

“Why?” she asked but I pushed her into the hall so she had better signal using my mobile,

“I’ll tell you later but right now I need to finish making Cara a cuppa just to calm her down!”

She nodded and I quickly ran upstairs and tried my door, it was still locked thank god and with that I ran back down the stairs and into the kitchen where Cara was still crying and half made cups of teas were brewing.

The End

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