Cara: ExamMature


“Please.” I grinned, kissing her cheek as I made the toast.

“So what are you doing today?”

“I have an exam. Then I’m thinking I should spend some time with the girls... I’ve been neglecting then both too much recently. We could double date?” I winked.

She laughed, and handed me a cup.

“I think I’ll take a back seat in this one. You’re right, you need to hang out with them more. I don’t want them hating me for keeping you to myself.”

“They couldn’t hate you. Not when you make me so happy.”

“I think they could. It’s hard being so close to someone and then not seeing much of them suddenly, because of another person.”

“I know. I felt that way when she was dating Matt. Alright, some friend time. What are you going to do?”

“The usual. Work, flirt with customers...” I shoved her gently and she chuckled. “Don’t spill the tea. You’d regret it; you know you would.”

“I would. I don’t know what I did before you made me tea. Or before I met you.”

“You know we’ve just discussed that you have an exam and I have work right?”


“So why are you flirting with me?” She grinned, putting the tea down and coming over to me. She put her head against mine and stroked my cheek with her thumb.

“I guess it’s hard not to flirt with you.” I muttered, kissing her. She got closer, pushing me against the work surface. Then I smelt a weird smell. “Shit!” I muttered, pushing her off of me. “The toast’s burning.”

Sam waited outside while I rushed in to get some pens and my card, which had our details on so we could write properly on the exam sheet. I was in and out in a few seconds, and she dropped me off in front of the building.

“Good luck.” She muttered as she kissed me goodbye.

“Thanks.” I hurried in to the building.

“Cara!” Ali was there, just about to go in. “We thought you’d forgotten!”

“No. Calm down Ali. Don’t tell me you forgot?”

“Yeah. I did. Have you revised?”

“No. It’s my favourite part of the course. I know everything back to front.”


“Don’t worry, you’re clever. You’ll be fine.”

The exam lasted for two hours, and when I came out I was rubbing my head. Ali caught up with me.

“How’d it go?”

“Not bad. I knew most of it. Fudged a few parts. You?”

“Same.” She let out a sigh of relief. “Looks like I worried for nothing.”

“Well let’s wait till the results come back till we work that one out.”

“I guess part of it was stress from last night.”

“What happened last night?”

“Anna and I had a massive argument. We’re ok now though.”

“Oh. Good. Well I was thinking we should hang out tonight, just the three of us. In the flat, you know, girl’s night?”

“Yeah. Sounds nice.”

I sent Sam a text as we walked home.

                      Anna and Ali had a massive argument last night. Go figure.

                     Big shocker. Talk to them. Anna will need you now. And if you
need some cool down time from the friend drama I still have
                                                                   some ice. ;-)

I grinned and put my phone away to concentrate on what Ali was saying.

The End

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