Anna: Exam! Ten Minutes! Crap!Mature

There was a soft tap on my bedroom door in the early hours of the morning that it made me jump. I leapt out of bed where I hadn’t been sleeping and I opened it to find Ali standing in the doorway, tears were brimming her beautiful eyes and she was twisting her fingers in a nervous way.

“Save it Ali, I don’t want to hear it”

“Tough, I need to talk to you, even if its just to say I’m really sorry about the way I acted” she said sobbing slightly and brushing away a tear. “I should have said those things and when you left I should have come after you!”

“Then why didn’t you?” I asked thinking in my mind that the reason she hadn’t was because she was getting cosy in a bed with another woman.

“Because I was scared of loosing you, I didn’t want to argue anymore, please Anna I am truly sorry!” she begged and slowly I found my will beginning to weaken, I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed the top of her head.

“I forgive you” I whispered, “Just don’t do it to me again” I said and I could feel Ali nodding her head against my shoulder.


After a hearty full English breakfast which Ali insisted on cooking to make up for her behaviour I curled up next to her on the couch. We were watching nothing in particular on the TV, some rubbing about how cider went from being an Apple to being in the bottle, something which neither of us found very enticing and it wasn’t until Ali got off the couch unexpectedly that I shifted my gaze from the TV to look at her.

“Whats wrong?” I asked my brow furrowed, she swore loudly and rushed to her room to get dressed.

“Ali? Whats up?” I called through the door, she wrenched it open and pulled me inside with so much force that I wouldn’t have been surprised if my arm hadn’t been pulled from its socket.

“My English exam is in ten minutes and I had completely forgotten about it!”

“Oh no!” I exclaimed bashing my forehead, “If you have forgotten about it, so has Cara since she hasn’t come back yet!” I said pulling my phone out of my pocket and bashing the buttons.

“Come on Cara pick up!” I muttered angrily every time the phone rang. I swore very loudly myself when her answer phone kicked in and when the beep sounded said very frantically,

“Cara you have an English exam in ten minutes, Ali almost forgot about it and I hope you are not preoccupied enough to have forgotten too!”

I bashed the end call button hoping that she was already at the exam and dreading the consequences of if she or Ali missed the exam or failed.   Neither me, Ali or Cara had put in as much work as we should have done as we had all been too preoccupied with our relationships and it might already be too late to start working our butts off now. I was fortunate enough to have a whole two weeks until my Psychology exam which gave me at least some time to prepare.

“Do I look okay?” Ali asked picking up her bag and smoothing down her hair,

“You always look good” I said giving her a quick kiss before she bolted for the front door. I tried Cara again and got no answer which either meant she was at the exam or not.

Practically home alone (Aside from Matt) who we hardly ever saw anyway I made my way upstairs to try and prepare for my psychology exam .

The End

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