Cara: IceMature

Sam held the door open for me and I stepped inside. This place was fancy. Really fancy. There was soft music playing, and above that the quiet chatter and clinking of glasses that you only find in truly classy places.

“Welcome ladies. Do you have a reservation?” A young waiter had appeared as if from nowhere, and was holding two menus under his arm.

“Yes. Under Kensington.”

“Ah yes, Miss Kensington. If you would like me to take your coats?” Sam slipped hers off, revealing a shirt and jacket on top off the smart black trousers I had already seen. She looked comfortable in them though, with the shirt unbuttoned at the top so a little of her cleavage was visible. I realised my eyes had rested too long on her chest so I slipped off the jacket and handed it to the waiter, before catching the look on Sam’s face. “If you’d like to follow me ladies?”

We were led to a table where the warm glow of the lights was slightly dimmed, and there was some privacy afforded by large wooden partitions. Sam and I sat, were handed our menus and left in peace. I perused the list, trying to look sophisticated as I tried not to gawk at the prices.

“Sam... This is too expensive.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m paying.”

“I don’t want you to have to pay all the time. I don’t want to feel in debt...”

“You’re not in debt to me. Besides I love you. And it’s not like it’s going to be a permanent thing. I just wanted to be able to take you somewhere special, after what we said yesterday.”

I smiled at her.

“Thank you. It’s a beautiful place.”

“It is. Now, what do you want to drink?”

We ordered a wine, and then I tried to relax as much as I could against the backdrop. Sam looked completely at ease, but then I supposed she’d been brought up in a world where this was the norm. I caught her eye as I looked back from the fish tank that was embedded in the wall nearest to us, and smiled. She was sporting the same look on her face she’d had when she’d seen me in the black dress.

“What?” I asked, pursing my lips in a smile.

“So when we decided the black dress was too tempting, you decided that was the next best thing?”

I looked down at the dress.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Apart from having the ability to pull the gaze of every man and woman as we walked through the restaurant? There’s the fact that I have to spend an entire meal being civilised whilst you sit there in a dress that gives me access to your neck and shoulders, and that shows off your gorgeous legs. Not to mention that it does something wonderful to your chest every time you take a breath.”

I pretended that my heart hadn’t begun to race and replied in a casual tone while looking at the menu.

“Anna wouldn’t let me leave in anything else. It’s Ali’s; she let me borrow it.”

“I see. So I owe your flat mates for this delightful torture do I?” I nodded, smiling. “Remind me to thank them, if I make it out of here alive.”

“I will.”

“So how is Anna coping?” She asked, taking her eyes from my dress and looking at the menu again.

“Well, she’s going out with Ali now if that answers your question.” Sam looked up across the table at me, disbelievingly.

“I didn’t know they were on such good terms.”

“Neither did I. It just happened I guess.”

“And once again Anna jumps in to a relationship?”

“I suppose. Can we not talk about it tonight?  It’s supposed to be about us.”

“Of course. Sorry.”

“It’s alright. So, how was London?”

“Brilliant. I managed to get some great pieces, and I made quite a few new contacts. It’s done the business some good.”

“Good. I’m pleased. But did you have fun?”

“Not without you.” She grinned.

“Good answer!” I laughed, and sipped from my wine. “But probably not completely truthful.”

“No it was fun. But I did think of you.”

I smiled and looked at the menu again.

“The pesto pasta looks good.”

“It is. You should try it.”

“I think I will. What are you getting?”

We ate and chatted and laughed, and at the end of the evening I was completely sure of Sam and aware that I didn’t just love her physically. She was intelligent and funny, and talking to her was so fascinating that I didn’t realise how fast time had gone.

“Sam, there’s no one else here. I think we’d better go.” Waiters were hanging around, in the ‘we want to get out of here’ fashion. We grabbed our coats and paid the bill, thanking everyone as we left.

Back at Sam’s, I slipped my shoes off and hung my jacket up.

“Drink?” She asked.

“No thanks.” I grinned and sidled up to her. “But I do seem to remember something about ice cubes..?”

She grinned and pushed me against the wall, rubbing my breasts through the dress as she kissed me. Then she pushed me around, so I faced the wall, and kissed along my shoulders, before slowly pulling the zip at the back on the dress down. The material fell around my ankles, and I wasted no time in pushing her jacket off and unbuttoning her shirt. They fell off too, and I pushed her against the wall, kissing her while I unzipped her trousers.


Sam slid the cube along my lips, and then removed it and started circling my nipples with the ice. It made me shiver, but it felt good. I arched my back, and Sam began licking the water trails that had been left.

“Oh my god...” I moaned.

Sam’s lips were on mine again, and I rolled her over so I was on top. Then I made my way slowly down her toned body. Minutes later, Sam moaned and gripped the bars of the bed to steady herself as she trembled. I grinned and kissed my way back up her body.

“You’re getting better.” She whispered, wiping her brow.

“Oh I am, am I?” I chuckled and kissed her. She pulled me over and I stared lovingly up at her. She raised one eyebrow, winked and slowly trailed her fingers over my forehead, down my neck, across my breasts and down my stomach.

“Yes. You’re incredible.”

The End

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