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The clock had just chimed ten pm before we eventually managed to get out the door to go to ‘The Magpie Hotel’ and as we strolled along the moonlit streets it occurred to me that Ali was just incredible in every way and that I was actually very lucky. Despite the fact that we had both got off on the wrong foot and that our personalities had clashed horribly over time we found more and more in common and they do say that hate is the first sign of love.

I knew the streets surrounding our flat quite well now and my feet seemed to walk automatically, as if they were programmed to know where their going without me having to consciously think about where I was walking.

We walked into the restaurant arm in arm and ordered a table for two; we didn’t have to wait long before a girl with long ginger hair came over to us.

“Hey my name is Tori and I will be your waitress for this evening, if you would like to follow me and I will take you to your table,” she said smiling warmly but addressing every word of it to Ali rather than both of us. Tori was wearing black trousers and a white top with a low V neck which emphasised her breasts somewhat and a small grey pinstriped waistcoat that had a badge attached to it which said ‘Tori Campbell  – Waitress at The Magpie Hotel.’  I did not like this woman but by the looks of things she liked Ali and Ali liked her.

As we sat down Ali thanked Tori’s breasts for showing us to the table and as miss massive chest walked away I kicked Ali under the table.

“Ouch, what was that for?” I asked,

“Do you want to be any more obvious, your girlfriend is sitting right here and your flirting with the waitress!” I snapped.

“I was not!” Ali hissed back,

“Then you weren’t staring open mouthed at her tits then!”

“No!” she said rather too quickly to be true.

I looked sternly at her and she frowned at me. “I was being nice.

“She fancied you something rotten, I could tell!”

“Now you’re just being paranoid”

“Oh am I now?” I snapped getting to my feet.

“Yes” Ali said indignantly, you did it was Cara and that’s why you two aren’t together and you most probably did it with Leanne and that probably why she turned to her clients!”

“That was uncalled for Ali!” I said angrily, people’s heads were turning to see what all the fuss was about but I didn’t care, and neither it seemed did Ali.

“It’s true though! You went off on one when Cara was kissed by her ex and blew things right out of proportion by running off and now you’re snapping at me because I look at another girl!”

“No I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

“No I am not!” I said stamping up and down like a kid having a tantrum.

“You are, and I don’t like controlling girlfriends” Ali said getting to her feet and glaring at me. In all the commotion Tori had come over to see whether she could ‘help’ (more like she was being nosey.)

“Why are you with me then!” I shouted at her.

“I don’t know to be honest!” she shouted and then without warning she grabbed the front of Tori’s waistcoat and pulled her in for a deep and meaningful snog. I felt my heart shatter once more and my eyes well up with tears as I legged it from the hotel and Ali didn’t follow.

 One thing that didn’t add up was that Ali said that I reminded her of herself but I would never have done what she just did and maybe that was the big difference between her and me. I had been stupid to think that Ali and I could work and by the looks of things Tori was more Ali’s type.

Ali and Cara did not come back that evening which made it firm in my mind that Ali had stayed in the hotel with Tori and that Cara had stayed with Sam. I wrapped the duvet around myself for warmth and protection and decided there and then that I would never open myself up and allow myself to fall so fast for someone quite so quickly ever again.

What I really needed right now more than someone to love me was my best friend.

The End

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