Anna: Sex ToyMature

“Come on then, Lets get ready ourselves” I said gently slapping Ali’s bum and squeezing it slightly.

“Get ready?” Ali questioned.

“I owe you dinner for losing our bet over who is more dominant, so where do you want to go?” I asked her. She pursed her lips thinking hard, and then a cheeky grin plastered itself all over her face.

“I know!” she said excitedly, “Lets go to The Swallow?” she suggested grinning broadly at me.

“No no and triple no!” I said folding my arms across my chest.

“Why?” she asked crestfallen.

“Two reasons, one…” I held up a finger, “Its ‘F’ expensive and unlike Sam who isn’t a student and can afford to eat there and we can’t and two….” I held up a second finger, “Cara has gone here and she would get hacked off with us and think that we are spying on her, and besides the point I cant afford it.”

“But we wouldn’t be spying….” Ali interjected,

“Yes we would and I. Cant. Afford. It!”  I said firmly and Ali seemed to get the message, “Now get your sexy butt ready, I’m going to take you to The Magpie hotel which may only be three stars but its within my price and if your good we could even get a room” I said winking at her.

“You see this here” she gestured at her body, “This be a dust cloud, I’m really in my room getting ready” she said before whipping out of sight into her room. I rolled my eyes at her and headed upstairs to get ready myself.

I don’t know what it was about Ali, she was funny and beautiful but I didn’t know whether I loved her or was in love with her or just on a rebound. My feelings about her were confused. I wandered upstairs and began to peruse my wardrobe for something nice to wear but my mind was elsewhere. Seeing Cara dressed up to the nines reminded me of the short space of time that I had spend dating her, the kisses we had shared had been special and then because of me jumping to conclusions I had jeopardized it.  I had fallen for Leanne and now she was gone so was I just on a rebound or where my feelings towards Ali true? I didn’t know. Cara was beautiful and sexy and amazing in every way possible and yet so was Ali. I was torn between two girls, one of whom was my best friend.  I decided I was over thinking things again and flicked through my wardrobe until I found a dress I had been bought by Cara when we had been in London once.

It was almost sleeveless with a white top half and a black bottom with a leopard print collar which buttoned up. I slipped it on and fastened two of the three buttons which meant that the top half of my chest was visible. The dress pulled in at all the right places giving me the perfect hourglass figure. I rolled some skin coloured tights up my legs and some knee high black leather boots with buckles around the top which snaked downwards and large sod off heels which I knew I would struggle to walk in. I rifled in my chest of draws and pulled out a beaded band which I carefully pulled over my head and sorted it so that part of my hair was over the beads and part was underneath.

I was inevitably ready before Ali was waiting around for about ten minutes before she called through the door to tell me that she was still not ready. I sighed and tapped my head against the wall, it was always the same, I would always be ready to go before any of my friends. Maybe that said something about me I didn’t know.

“Come on babe” I called and she opened her door to reveal that she was still in her underwear and strapless bra. She pulled me in and gestured at her open wardrobe.

“It’s a wardrobe” I noted and Ali gave me a stern look which made her look very sexy indeed, even more so due to the fact that she was only wearing a bra which looked slightly too small for her and some very sexy black lace underwear.

“I have no idea what to wear!” she said, hands on her hips,

“How about what you are wearing now” I said kinkily and she giggled.

“Do you like it?” she asked

“Very much so, but I think I need a better look” I commented taking a step forward and looking more closely at the intricate pattern on the bra. Ali took advantage of me being so close to her to undo the only button that was done up on my dress which revealed my bra. I wrapped my arms around Ali and unclipped her bra which fell away revealing beautifully rounded breasts. I took a moment to take in their beauty while Ali slipped my arms from the dress and pulled it off so that I was only in my bra and underwear too. I pressed my lips to her breast and began to kiss them, trailing my lips across them, unaware that while I had been doing so Ali had surreptitiously pulled off my own bra, exposing my on breasts.

I pushed back so that we fell onto Ali’s bed and everything turned into pure passion, we both began kissing every part of the others body that we could reach. Both our underwear was kicked off and Ali (who I had no doubt had done this plenty of times before) started kissing down from my belly button. I was feeling very turned on now, I had no admit she was so much better than Leanne and I was slowly starting to believe that Ali is the girl for me.

Ali stopped and looked up at me, a smile twitching the corners of her mouth, she leaned across me and pulled open her beside draw and grabbed something long and pink. It was a vibrator.

She turned it on and gently slid it inside me and as it hit my G spot, orgasms ripped though me, I pushed against the vibrator to allow the orgasm to built up and up to reach its climax and as it did do I allowed a pleasurable moan to escape my lips.


The End

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