Cara: Music, Ice Cubes and The Need for a Cold ShowerMature

I spent the evening watching old dance videos and writing an essay that had been neglected over the last few days, because of Sam. When I finished I re-read it and then went to knock on Ali’s door.

“Hey you two? Can I pry you out of your love nest for a moment? I want Ali to look at my essay.”

Ali appeared and smiled.

“Hey. Which essay?”

“Victorian Literature.”

“Oh... I hated that one. Here, let’s go sit in the kitchen. Won’t be long Anna!” She called back through the door. As soon as we’d sat down I eyed her.

“Alright, how’d it happen?”

“What? Oh me and Anna? I don’t know. Just sort of did. We were talking and... bam.”

“Oh. Well as long as you’re both happy I suppose stranger things...”

“... Have happened. Yeah. I was thinking the same thing.”

We chuckled and Ali looked over my essay. We discussed it and then she returned to her room. Ok. So that was an interesting situation.


Liam kept me occupied the next day. He scheduled a band rehearsal to fill the hours I didn’t have lectures in, which meant that as soon as I’d been released from education, I found myself grabbing a beer at two in the afternoon and singing in our living room. I was grateful though. It meant I was doing something instead of sitting around waiting for Sam. We hadn’t really discussed our love revelations, so I felt like we needed to. Even if we didn’t, I wanted to talk. Just to make sure.


“Do you want to go to dinner?”

I smiled. Sam had called and asked if I was free tonight and now she was asking me out to dinner. She was on her way back, on the train.

“I’d love to. Where are we going?”

“My favourite restaurant. It’s called The Swallow.”

“Sounds nice. Guess I have to dress up then.”

“You don’t have to.”

“Sam, are you wearing a shirt?”


“Then I’m dressing up.”

She chuckled down the phone and I joined in.

“Alright. Just don’t wear that dress.”

“Too dressy?”

“Too tempting.”

I blushed and bit my lip.

“Then I’ll tone it down. Although at some point I want to see that look in your eyes again. The one you had when you saw the dress.” I muttered, trying to be discreet. Liam was engrossed in his guitar and Jak was staring at his beer bottle. Callum had gone to the toilet before my phone had rung.

“Oh darling, if that’s all it takes to make you happy, I’ll be more obvious next time I have to fight to keep my hands off of you.”

I froze externally, while heat rose in my cheeks and I felt a prickling, aching fire in my chest. Liam looked over at me and furrowed his brow. For a moment I couldn’t even react and then I smiled at him and turned away, heading out in to the corridor.

“Are you still there?” Sam asked, concern flooding her voice.

“Yes,” I replied, my voice strangled as I tried to arrange my thoughts and regain my composure. “I was just going to my room. I think I need a cold shower.”

She chuckled in a deep tone, and I melted so much I was surprised that I wasn’t on the floor.

“I’m glad I have that affect on you.”

“Well considering I was in front of the band when you said it...”

Another earthy chuckle.

“Did you manage to keep your composure?”

“Barely.” I muttered. “I’ll have to put ice cubes down my top or something.”

“I could trail them down your body if you’d like. Would that help?”

“You’re killing me.” I groaned as heat rushed through my body again. My cheeks felt as though they were filled with warm coals. “Can we skip dinner?”

“No.” She was clearly enjoying this. I could hear her grinning down the phone, and it made me even warmer. “We’re going to have dinner, talk about things, and then I’m going to take you to my house and show you that ice cubes aren’t just for keeping things cool.” Her voice was hypnotising, and then she cleared her throat and said brightly, “I’ll pick you up at seven then.” The phone went dead and I threw it on the bed.

I was in love with the sexiest, most tantalising woman ever.

The End

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