Anna: "I Saw You In Me!"Mature

I was quite shocked that Cara had found out so quickly about me and Ali but part of me was pleased despite the fact that she seemed quite taken aback by the fact. I wasn’t sure whether I loved Ali or not seeing as though we had just that day got together but I certainly felt closer to her than to Cara at that point in time. She had managed in the space of one afternoon to pull me out of the depressed mood I was spiralling into and realise that Leanne wasn’t the only girl I could ever love.

Ali brought in two mugs of steaming hot chocolate and handed me one before settling herself down on her bed.

“Penny for your thoughts?” she asked gently wrapping an arm around me and pulling me close to her so that I could smell her sweet perfume.

“Just happy” I said smiling a true and natural smile, something of which I hadn’t done in a while, “I suppose I am reeling from the fact that I’m with someone as wonderful as you, since when I first met you I hated you.”

“Same here, our personalities clashed so much!”

“So what’s changed?” I asked

“You looked so vulnerable and I saw a different side to you, you reminded me of someone…”


“Me. I have had my heart shredded a fair few times in the past and every time I have done the same as you. Dusted myself down, got back up and tried to make it seem as though its not there and I saw me in you today and my heart went out to you.”

“I see me in you too” I said with a smile before kissing her softly on the forehead and taking a sip of hot chocolate. I made an almost orgasmic moan as I swallowed the hot liquid, “You make a fine hot chocolate!”

“I’ve had no complaints in that department or others for that matter!”

The End

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