Cara: Anna Flirting?Mature

I slipped in to my running trousers and sports bra, pulled a strappy top over it and pulled on a jacket. Then I took my bottle and filled it with water from the tap.

“Ready?” Anna asked, standing by the door.

“Ready.” I replied, following her out.

“So, how are you feeling this morning?” I asked her after a few minutes of walking in the general direction of the gym with silence hanging in the air like there was no tomorrow.

“Alright I guess.”


“What about you? Looked like you had some sort of revelation about Sam last night, when you said you loved her.”

“Yeah... I guess I just... didn’t really realise how much I loved her until Liam asked. I mean, I know I love her. But there’s a difference between love and being in love isn’t there? And I think I’m in love, rather than just loving her. I think. I guess I worked that out last night. And this morning.”

“Ah so I was right. You two were at it this morning.”

I grinned and shoved her.

“Hey, just because we keep quiet when we’re there unlike some people I could mention...” Anna’s face dropped and I realised too late my mistake. “Oh shit. Anna I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Really. You just caught me by surprise.”

“I am sorry.”

“I know. So you were saying...?”

“Just that there’s something about Sam... It feels like it’s more than some little relationship.”

“Well I’m happy for you.”


We reached the gym and I opened the door for her.

“I’m going to the running machines.”

“Ok. I’m going to warm up on the mats. Do some sit ups and stuff.”


I lay down and saw Anna climb on to the running machine. I started with sit ups, then did a few push ups and then stretched out my leg muscles. A shadow fell over me as a guy passed me by.

He went up to Anna and started running on the machine next to her. They appeared to strike up a conversation, and after a few minutes Anna was laughing. I smiled. Maybe he was flirting with her. I did wonder whether Anna was a lesbian, or bisexual. She’d been with more guys than girls after all.

I avoided going over to her because if she was flirting with the guy I didn’t want to ruin it. So I worked out on my own and when I was finished I caught her attention in the mirror. Only when she waved me over did I interrupt.

“Hey, I’m heading off.” I said to her, giving the guy a brief smile.

“Ok cool. This is Daniel. Daniel, Cara, Cara, Daniel.”

“Nice to meet you.” We both said, and smiled.

“Right well I’m off. Guess I’ll meet you back at the flat then?”

“Yeah sure.”  Anna said and I grinned as I walked off.

The End

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