Cara: McDonalds and SexMature

Jak tried stealing my fries, but I swatted him away.

"Bad drunk Jak!" I cried and grinned and Anna. She grinned back at me, with the slightest delay. So I had grovelling to do. I pushed her big mac towards her. "Dig in!"

Liam nudged me and grinned.

"So Cara. Where's Sam tonight?"


"In your bed?"

"Yes, why?"

"Just wondered. Looks like you two are getting serious. She's hanging around a lot."

I gave him a push and slapped Jak's hand away from my chips again.

"She's allowed to isn't she?"

"Well yeah of course... I just didn't realise you two could get that serious, that fast."

"What's serious about her staying over? And anyway, I love her."

"You do?" Anna's voice had a questioning, unbelieving tone to it.

I thought about it. Did I love Sam? I mean, we'd said we loved each other, and it felt special. It felt so much more right than any other relationship, not that I'd had many...

"I think I do yeah." I said, and I could hear the revelation in my voice. I think I do.

There was a silence round the table, which was somehow louder than the noise that all the other students were creating. Liam broke it.

"Well, that's great."

"To Sam and Cara!" Jak yelled, raising a chip which he'd managed to steal while I was distracted.

"Shut up." I hissed, embarrassed. Anna remained quiet. I guessed it was because she wasn't happy with Sam at the moment.

"So, who'll wear the dress?" Jak asked.


"At your wedding." I kicked him under the table, and shot him a look.

"Shut up Jak."

"Jak stop winding her up." Liam said as Jak opened his mouth again. "Does she love you Cara?"

"Yeah. I mean she's told me she loves me. So yeah. Can we talk about something else?"


We sat there awkwardly for a while.

"Well, I'd better take Jak back..." Liam muttered to break the silence.

"Good idea." I breathed. "See you later maybe."


They disappeared and left Anna and I to talk.

"So you and Leanne broke up?" I said, concerned.


"Any particular reason?"

"We're just not right for each other I guess."

"Oh. Ok. And are you ok about... about everything?"


"Huh. Ok."

The conversation for the rest of the night was better, much less awkward. But then we didn't really touch on anything important. When we got home I smiled.

"Well, goodnight Anna."

"Yeah... goodnight." She disappeared and I went in to my room and locked the door. Then I went and snuggled in next to Sam. In the dim light that was coming through my curtains from the streetlight outside, she looked so peaceful and beautiful.

"I love you." I whispered and then wrapped my arms around her and slept.


"Morning." Sam muttered in to my ear as I stirred.

"Hey." I stretched and grinned at her.

"I hoped you'd wake up soon. I have to go to work in a bit."

"Damn it."

She chuckled softly.

"But I have some time now..."

I laughed and pulled her to me, kissing her.

"I see."

As I kissed her and slowly pulled off her top, I remembered last night. This was a woman I loved. And looking down at her I knew for the second time that I'd been telling the truth.

"Kiss me." She whispered, and I let all thoughts take a back seat to doing what she wanted.

The End

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