Anna: McDonaldsMature

I was reorganising my university folders into chronological order when there was a soft tap on my bedroom door.

“Come in” I called not looking up from the contents of my folder which was scattered Pell Mell all over the floor and my bed.

“Hey you” Cara said calmly slipping in and pushing the door shut before squatting down next to me, whilst trying to avoid various pieces of paper and open folders. I shifted a folder out the way which gave Cara room to sit down.

“What you doing?” she asked tentatively when I still didn’t look up from what I was doing, but kept sliding pieces of work into wallets and clipping them back in folders.

“My uni file was a state so I thought I’d sort through it, then I was going to ask my dad when he is going to come and decorate this room because it needs doing!”

“Oh… cool”

“Where’s Sam?” I asked trying to steer the conversation well away from Leanne.

“She was tired, she’s sleeping in my room and I swear she is sorry about what she said to you, she never meant it. She was just frustrated.”

“Yeah that’s fine!” I said trying not to show any emotion as I knew if I did I’d break down and trying to look as though it didn’t bother me.

“Hey why don’t you and me take a walk down to the pizza shop down the road since Sam is asleep and go get a pizza?” she suggested, “Or MacDonald’s and get a burger, spend some time together .”

“Its half nine at night” I noted, looking up at my alarm clock, but this didn’t seem to phase Cara,

“So? Maccy D’s doesn’t close until about two thirty in the morning, plus I am hungry!” she insisted and I rolled my eyes at her which made her giggle.  I shut the folder which I was trying to organise and grabbed my coat and bag and followed Cara out of my bedroom and down the stairs.

“I’m just going to write a note for Sam, so she knows where we have gone so she wont worry” Cara said slipping into her bedroom. Although she had said this offhandedly to me it felt like a personal jibe because I had neglected to bring my phone or leave a note when I have gone AWOL but I ignored the feeling of anger as she had not meant it to be mean. When she came back out she smiled warmly at me and headed towards the door with me in tow.  

McDonalds was crowded and noisy despite it being late at night, full of university students who stunk of alcohol and couldn’t walk in a straight line, resulting in a fair few tables being knocked over. I spotted a table in the corner and slid into the corner seat while Cara went and got us both a Big Mac meal each and a milkshake. While I was waiting who should walk out the male toilets but Jak and Liam, Jak looked out of it but Liam just looked tipsy.

“Hey Anna” Jak said overenthusiastically tottering over to me and falling into the seat.

“Hey Jak” I said in a falsely cheery voice which he believed because he was so drunk, “Has Leanne come back?”

“Yeah, shes been and gone again and good riddance” I said trying to sound as though I didn’t care.

“Wait you and Leanne broke up?” Liam cut in.

“Yeah today but it doesn’t matter!” I said shrugging it off and before he could ask anything else Cara came over carrying a tray with our burgers, chips and milkshakes on.

“Oh hey Jak, Hey Liam!” she said happily setting the food on the table.

“Ooh yummy chips!” Jak said reaching for Cara’s chips but she slapped his hand away, “Bad drunk Jak!”

The End

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