Anna: Returning To RealityMature

“So that’s why I cant go back there just yet Mrs Blenkinsopp, I just need to get away,” I said dunking a second biscuit into my mug of tea, the steam of which was still emanating from the mug and was much too hot to drink.

“Running away from your problems isn’t going to help the situation love, more to the point your friends and family will be worried about you especially since you have no means of contacting them or them you.”

“I needed space” I explained, looking into her hazel eyes which were full of compassion and understanding. Mrs Blenkinsopp seemed very much like my late grandma who had died and my parents hadn’t even had the decency to tell me until almost a week later.

“I know you did my dear, but your friends will be worried about you, why don’t you use my landline and ring your friend Cara?” she suggested kindly, reaching behind her and picking up her cordless phone.

“Umm, okay” I said uncertainly taking the phone off her and dialling Cara’s number which after years of her having the same number I knew off by heart.  It rang and rang but no-one picked up, Cara had obviously seen the number and not recognised it so had not picked up.  I placed the phone down on the table and shook my head, “She’s not answering.”

“Is there anyone else you want to ring?” she asked,

“Umm….” I was about to say that there wasn’t anyone but instead I said, “Could I try to get in contact with my girlfriend Leanne?”

I had neglected to say that the person that I was dating was a female meaning that Mrs Blenkinsopp was quite taken aback when I said the word ‘girlfriend’ but she agreed and pushed the phone back to me. I dialled Leanne’s number quickly and pressed it to my ear, it rang and for the first time in ages I heard Leanne’s melodic voice as she picked up.

“Hey Leanne speaking, who’s this?”

My eyes welled with tears as I took in her voice, “Hi Leanne its Anna” I said, swallowing a rather reluctant lump in my throat.

“Hey you! Meant to ring you and tell you that I am home now and have something I need to talk to you about!”

“Yeah, great because I need to see you, why have you not being picking up your phone and who is Megan?” I asked her, annoyance creeping into my voice now.

“Ahh” she said, “that’s part of what I want to talk to you about,”

“Well what is it?”

“I’m sorry but I need to see you in person Anna, I’ll meet you at the flat in say two hours?” she asked.

“Yeah, great!” I said swallowing hard, “See you soon”

I pressed the red end call button and passed the phone back to Mrs Blenkinsopp who was looking back at me with concern.

“Are you alright lovey?” she asked pressing a hand to my shoulder and pulling me into a gentle hug.

“Yeah fine” I lied as I pulled out of the hug and picked my coat up from the chair it had been hung on.

“Well if you ever need to talk my dear you know where I am” she said and I nodded graciously.

“Thank you so much Mrs Blenkinsopp for your hospitality I wont forget it” I said pulling my coat on and sidestepping towards the door.”

“Your very welcome, you are very like the granddaughter I never had,” she said, “I have grandsons you see, so when I saw you all alone I sought to help you.”

“Thanks,” was all I could manage before stepping out the door and making my way towards the snicket which would lead back to my disastrous life, although I decided in the back of my mind to go back and see Mrs Blenkinsopp at some point and to not tell anyone about this small little village.

As I reached the snicket, I quickened my step, my heart racing at the knowledge of getting my unanswered questions answered by Leanne herself. I knew however that I wouldn’t like what I heard!

The End

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