Cara: Anxiety AttackMature

"Sam, I've known her for years. Years and years and years. She'd never ever leave her phone. She hasn't been without her phone voluntarily since she first got one."

"Maybe she just wanted a bit of peace..."

I ignored the voice of reason that was Sam and continued searching the library for Anna. We were on the third and final floor of the library and she was no where to be seen.

"Damn it." I cried, earning stern looks from everyone around. "Where is she?"

"Have you tried calling Leanne?" Sam sighed.

"No! Genius!" I cried, earning a few loud shushing noises, but kissing Sam all the same. "That's why I love you." I grinned at her before grabbing my phone from my pocket and dialling Leanne's number.

It went straight to voicemail.

"Not picking up?"

"It's off. I just... I don't know what to do." I slumped a little and Sam took my hand, leading my to the stairs. Once we were there she cupped my head in her hands.

"Stop stressing. Stressing is not going to find her. Now she might just want some time to herself. If she does and she's gone for a walk, she could be back soon. If she hasn't come back by tonight, then we can call the police and report her missing, but they probably won't do anything until she's been missing twenty four hours. But I doubt she will be. There was nothing strange except for her phone being left. For all you know she could be back there now. Calm down, and wait patiently for her."

I let out a big breath I didn't know I'd been holding and despite still feeling anxious I relaxed against her, letting her arms encircle me.

"I wish I'd met you sooner. I think you're the best person I've ever met."

"I wish the same. If I'd have met you before I wouldn't have done so many of the things I regret."

"Like what?" I asked curiously, looking up at her.

"I'll tell you sometime. But right now, you need a cup of tea."

"Well if the goddess of tea making says so..."


I felt calmer drinking my tea, one hand in Sam's as we sat on the sofa, with the tv on for background noise.

"Better?" She asked, rubbing her thumb in to my hand. I closed my eyes and sighed, enjoying the sensation.

"Much. But I'm still worried."

"You wouldn't be a good friend if you weren't. But there's no sense in getting so hett up so early."

"I know. I just worry about her. I wish uni would make her more... I don't know... able to withstand things. She's so bubbly and happy, but one thing happens and it's like the end of the world... I just... I worry."

"I know." She kissed my forehead. "And I love you for it."

The front door closed and I leapt up, running to the corridor. It was Matt however, who gave me a look of surprise before disappearing wordlessly in to his room. I slumped back to the sofa.

"Not her." I muttered and picked up the tea. "Thank god you can make a good brew, else I'd be in pieces."


I woke up on Sam's shoulder, and saw that the sky through the window was dark. I eased myself from Sam's loving embrace and hurried through the kitchen to the stairs that led to Anna's room. When I opened the door I expected her to be there. I truly did. But that only made the crushing disappointment rise.

She was gone, her bed was empty. Something had happened.


Sam called the police, because in the end I was just too shaken. They said that they would begin searching and that they would do everything they could to find her. But somehow it felt like it wouldn't be enough.

"Where is she?" I fretted, biting my nails. Sam wrapped her arm round me supportively but for the first time, as I saw her reflection in the window, she looked worried too.

The End

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