Anna: Taken InMature

The village of UnderSillon was even prettier than it was when I had visited it in the dark. Magnificent, well kept houses lined either side of a road which curved to the right and up a hill which led to OverSillon. I followed the footpath in the opposite direction to the hill as it snaked to the left and right into the village, only the birds tweeting happily and the distant sound of a lawn mower could be heard.

Since I had always grown up living in towns, to visit a tranquil village cut off from the hustle and bustle crowds and roaring car engines and the continuous noise was just incredible. For one sparkling moment I was able to just forget all my worries and embrace my surroundings and relish in how beautiful the earth truly is.  The road I had been following ended, to be replaced with a dirt track which led out of the village and into the depths of a wood. A large willow tree stood tall and proud to one side of the track casting a large dark shadow overhead and it was this willow tree which I sat underneath to watch the world whirl by.

As the afternoon fluttered by a soft breeze lulled me to sleep, my eyes drooping shut as I sat cross legged under the large tree by the forest. I was unaware of how late in the afternoon it must have been because when I woke up it was dark, and I wasn’t where I had fallen asleep. A duvet was wrapped around me, I sat up and found myself in a bed but it wasn’t my bed, it was a strange bed. I guessed that someone had very kindly taken me in, thinking me homeless I would imagine.

A clock hanging on the wall read 2:30am; I reached inside my pocket to grab my phone before realising I’d purposely left it at the flat so instead I slid back beneath the covers and dropped into a now uneasy sleep.

When the light was shining brightly though the netted curtains, my eyes flickered open and I rubbed the sleep out of them. It was now 9am in the morning and I decided that now was the time to find out where I actually was. I whipped back the covers and slipped out of the bedroom and down a set of spiralling stairs which led into a small kitchen, where a old lady was pouring steaming hot tea into a teapot.

“Good Morning dear, did you sleep alright?” she asked, peering over her glasses at me and smiling.

“Umm, yeah, sorry but who are you and where am i?” I asked, trying not to sound rude.

“Goodness gracious of course you will be oh so confused,  I am Mrs Blenkinsopp, nice to meet you lovey. What’s your name?

“My name is Annabella Hawman, and where am I?”

“I found you asleep under the big tree by the forest and it was getting late so I get my neighbour Mr Greene to help me carry you to my spare bedroom. Are you homeless Anna?”

“No, I go to the university nearby but I needed to get away because of ….. things …. And it was such a warm day I must have dosed off.”

“I tell you what lovey, why don’t I fix you some breakfast and a hot cup of tea and you tell me all your worries. Don’t worry I’m a good listener.” Mrs Blenkinsopp added with a smile.

“Yeah that would be nice thanks.”

The End

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