Anna: Space From The WorldMature

I lay awake for hours, my mind going over everything, trying to piece things together like a jigsaw but finding that the piece of the puzzle didn’t slide into place like the pieces of a jigsaw did. Muffled squealing had started up about half an hour after I had ascended the stairs and gone to bed and it was obvious that Cara was getting the affection she needed from Sam. I didn’t begrudge her it but it made my heart yearn for Leanne and then also pulled my thoughts back to the name she had used in her voicemail. Why was she lying? What was going on? These unanswered questions buzzed around my head until blackness blurred my vision and I drifted off to sleep and into a world where everything was perfect.

I woke quite early the next morning, crickets were chirping merrily amongst the dew covered grass outside the flat and the sun was making its slow ascent into the sky for what looked to be a promising day weather wise. In my minds eye however the sky outside was a dark grey with rain threatening to fall, thunder threatening to rumble and lightening threatening to strike. I slipped out of bed, pulled my dressing gown around me and walked downstairs into the dark hallway. The silence which met my ears made me assume that everyone was still asleep, which was no surprise as it was only seven am on a Saturday morning. I sank into the hard wooden kitchen chair and rested my head on the cool table. I pulled my mobile out of my dressing gown pocket and dialled Leanne’s number, not caring that she might be asleep, not caring if my ringing her was an inconvenience. I was just so desperate to hear her melodic voice. The mobile rung and rung and eventually I was put through to the answer machine.

“Hey, this is Leanne and I am not available at the moment, but if you would like to leave your name and message after the tone I’ll get back to you. Thanks”

There was a beep and I put the phone down. Something wasn’t right, Leanne had changed her voicemail since the last time I had rung it which instantly made me suspicious and generated more unanswered questions inside my head. I stood up, replaced my mobile back into my dressing gown pocket and trudged back upstairs. When I was safely back in my bedroom I pulled on my jeans and a tank top pulled my mobile out of my dressing gown and after a moments deliberation hid it under my pillow. I fancied a walk back to that nice little village and I didn’t want to be contacted, I was breaking the habit of a lifetime, by going out without my mobile but I needed some space.

I tiptoed back downstairs, took the front door off the latch and clicked it shut carefully to so as to not rouse the others from their slumber.  The sun had now risen halfway into the sky and the birds were tweeting merrily from their nests in the trees. A soft breeze blew, ruffling the neat hedges as I walked and if I hadn’t been so wrapped up in my own thoughts I probably would have found my surroundings beautiful but in my minds eye it had just started raining.

I soon reached the hidden snicket which was still unsoiled from cigarette ends and crisp packets like the day before and made my way slowly towards the tranquil village of UnderSillon where I could be sure to clear my head without distraction.

The End

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