Cara: Kisses and Near MissesMature

A few moments of silence followed, where Anna appeared deep in thought. I took this moment to drink some more of my tea. I don't know how she did it, but whenever Sam made tea, she made it so perfectly I could drink it for days. I loved that about her. and that brought my thoughts to our conversation before Anna had arrived. Sam had told me she loved me, and I had agreed. I did love her. She wasn't perfect, she had her faults. But the thing was, her faults made me love her more. And it was such an amazing feeling. But an unexpectedly sad one too. Because I knew, I knew, that I wasn't good enough for her. 

One finger touched my arm and I jumped slightly, brought out of my thoughts by Sam as she trailed that finger down my arm and then took my hand in hers. I smiled at her, slightly sad at my revelation that I was inadequate. Her forehead wrinkled, one eyebrow raised as she looked at me in a concerned fashion. Clearly I had not disguised the sadness my trail of thought had revealed.

Anna's voice broke through the silence as she stood from the chair.

"I think I'm going to go to bed." My head shot round to her. The tone of her voice suggested she was still not happy, and that worried me.

"Ok... just remember Anna, there's nothing to worry about. This is just because she's been away for so long. Don't worry. She'll be back soon, and this will all be forgotten."

"Yeah... thanks Cara. Thanks Sam. " Now I couldn't tell whether she believed me or not, because she sounded so worn down.

"Alright then, have a good night's sleep and hopefully you'll feel better in the morning."

"Ok. Goodnight you two."

"Goodnight." Sam said, smiling at her.

"Night Anna." I called after her as she disappeared from the room and headed upstairs. I listened until I heard her bedroom door shut, and then leant my head against Sam's shoulder. "Thank you for the tea. And for helping."

"What else would I do?"

"I don't know. I mean, it's not like you two have spent much time together really. You didn't have to help. But you did, and I love you for it."

"Maybe I should get to know Anna better. She is your best friend after all."

"That would be nice." A genuine smile came to my face, happy at the idea of Anna and Sam being good friends.

"Well then, now that's settled, I think you ought to meet some of my friends."

"Your mum and your friends in the same week? Are you trying to kill me?" I joked.

"No. But I want them to know you as well as I do, and I know they'll love you."

"As well as you do? Sorry, I didn't realise this was an open relationship." I winked, beaming up at her cheekily.

She looked like she was going to start tickling me again, but then she glanced at my hand.

"If you weren't holding that cup of tea..."

"You realise I'm going to hold on to it for dear life now. Just so you can't tickle me again."

"I'll do it anyway." She warned, her face serious while her eyes twinkled impishly. I put the tea down hastily and defended myself, arms firmly at either side of me. Then I tucked up my legs and hugged them to my chest, making what was hopefully an impenetrable wall. "Very clever." She muttered, "Now how am I going to get past you?"

"You're not?"

"You'll have to move at some point."

"I'll stay here till you leave."

"Well if that's what you want..." She said, putting down her mug and standing.

"No!" I cried, catching her hand.

"Aha!" She cried as she pounced, her fingers attacking my side.

"Nooooooo!"I yelled, laughing and crying. I squirmed around until I was lying on the sofa, so she had to straddle my legs to stop me from kicking her away. "You... are a mean.... mean... person!"

"But you love me." She said, and suddenly stopped tickling me.

I caught my breath, staring up at her.

"Yes... yes I really do." I whispered, and she barely let me finish before she was kissing me. In the first pause of her lips, we caught each others gaze, and I stroked some of her hair back behind her ear before her lips fell to mine again. The second was so she could pull my top off. "We're on the sofa! In the living room." I squealed as she pulled it over my head.

"There's only Anna here, and she's asleep."


"Didn't know he came out of his room." She grinned, rubbing my breasts through my bra.

"The others..."

"They won't be back for a while."

I was running out of excuses for something I wanted to happen.

"So first the floor of Pieces, and now my living room. Is this Samantha being rebellious?" I muttered, giving in.

"I can think of more rebellious things Samantha would be doing to you, and more rebellious places to do them in." She replied, unzipping my jeans. I don't know whether she was only saying it as part of the moment, but I found it extremely attractive. I started unbuttoning her shirt as she slid her hand in to my jeans, and began kissing me again.

"Yes, yes, yes! One hundred percent yes," yelled Jak's voice as the fron door opened.

"Shit!" I giggled and grabbed my top, scrambling to sit up as Sam pulled her hand free and clambered off me, also laughing. I yanked the top over my head and tried to slow my breathing as the chatter in the corridor got louder and louder. The door opened behind us as I realised I'd not done up my trousers, and I hurriedly did them up before any of my friends could look over.

"Oh hey! You two are still up!" Ali smiled, her arm draped around Jak as he howled with laughter. "Where's Anna? Did she come back?"

"Yes, she's asleep." I replied, pointing upwards to where Anna's bedroom was.

"SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jak giggled, collapsing on the floor.

"How much has he drunk?" I asked, gazing over the back of the sofa at him.

"More than usual. He's happened across a subject he finds hilarious." Liam answered, his voice deep and his eyes dark. Not a subject he found amusing then.

"Which is?" Sam asked.

"I doubt it's something either of you will find amusing or interesting." Liam muttered, while Jak continued to howl. "Just the ins and outs of lesbian sex, and whether Anna likes it better than sex with men."

I frowned at Jak, who had caught his breath and was standing up.

"Jak, you have to stop winding her up. She's not happy at the moment. Leave off."

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry." He said, his eyes showing he was being genuine. "But I have to know!"

"Then ask her when she's in a better place."

"What? Between Leanne's legs?" Jak muttered, then howled with laughter again.

"It's been jokes like that all the way home." Ali muttered, rolling her eyes.

"Well I'd hardly call it a joke. It's not funny." I frowned at Jak again, who was trying to straighten his face.

"Sorry Cara." Liam said. "I'm going to make him go to bed. He's staying here, on my floor. We couldn't walk him any further in this state."

"Thanks Liam. I think we're going to go to bed." I said, standing up, Sam close behind me. "Night everyone." Sam took my hand and repeated my words, and then we left the room. As soon as my door closed I felt quite angry.They'd interrupted us, and then Jak had been a drunken idiot.

"Are you alright?" Sam muttered, taking my other hand and looking at me.

"No. What if she wasn't asleep and she heard?"

"Then she can have the argument. She'll never start being a Mulan if you're always there to fight her battles for her."

"But what if...?"

"Shut up." She muttered and kissed me. "You're overthinking things, and being too protective."


"No. For once, just think about yourself."

The End

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