Anna: Withholding InformationMature

I shuffled slowly into the living room where Sam and Cara were sitting and coiled my legs under my feet as I sat in the armchair nearest the door, so that if needs be I leave the room quickly. Now I was here I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk to Cara, I didn’t know what to say to her.

“Anna?” Cara said gently getting up from where she was sitting and kneeling in front of me, concern etched all over her features. “Whats the matter?

I shook my head, trying to swallow the lump in my throat and fight back tears, I didn’t want Cara to see me upset anymore. She was always the brave one and I was always the vulnerable one getting my heart shattered into a million pieces by a relationship failure.

“Nothing” I said simply, “just an overreaction as normal plus its that time of the month again”

Cara gave me a stern look, it was obvious she didn’t believe me, I swallowed and looked up at Sam sitting on the couch. Seeing me looking at her she quickly got up and said that she would go and make some tea  and hurried out the room.

“Is it Leanne? Have you still not heard from her?” Cara asked and I drew my knees still closer to me as though protecting myself from the world. I looked up at Cara and shook my head, “No I havent heard from her, I don’t know when she will be back and Jak rubbing my nose in was exactly what I didn’t need!” I said quickly.

Cara put a comforting arm around me and pulled me towards her, a few cheeks splashed down my cheeks. “I’ll talk to Jak, he was a bit insensitive.”

“Like I said it was an overreaction because its that time of the month and I am just emotional because Leanne is away” I said quickly, trying to make it seem as though that was the only reason why I was upset.  Sam walked slowly back into the room, carrying three mugs of steaming hot tea and set two down on the table and handing me the one still in her hand.

“Thankyou” I muttered, taking a sip out of the mug which was full to the brim with tea.

Cara dropped from her knees and sat on her feet, reached back and took a sip of tea, her expression at the taste looked almost orgasmic. “Honestly you make the greatest tea ever!” Cara said which seemed to lighten the mood somewhat.

We sat in silence for almost a whole minute, all taking small slurps of tea, until Cara who had obviously not forgotten or believed that I was being entirely truthful breeched the subject as to why I was upset.

“Anna, I know there is more to this than Leanne being away and you having PMS. You havent been the same since Leanne left.” Cara said staring at me with unblinking brown eyes.

I sighed.

“Anna what is it?”

“I don’t know, something is wrong”

“Like what?”

“I think Leanne is lying to me.”

“Whats made you think that?” Cara asked, leaning forward.

I opened my mouth then shut it again, should I tell her about the voicemail? I decided to bite my tongue on that one, instead I said that I thought she might be seeing another woman, since she had been away.

“That’s you being paranoid” Sam chipped in, "When I was talking to Leanne at your birthday party I got the impression that she was pretty smitten with you.”

“Yeah,” Cara chipped in, “we’ve known Leanne for years and we all know that she would never do that to you. She loves you! I admit that when I couldn’t see Sam for a day my paranoia kicked in and my mind was working overtime.” Cara said but i could tell she was only saying it to make me feel better.

“Suppose” I said taking another slurp of tea, deciding that until I had unraveled the mystery of why Leanne was calling herself ‘Megan’ on her voicemail I would not be telling Cara.

The End

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