Cara: Anna's Problems and Sam's SolutionsMature

"I'm worried about her. She's not been the same since Leanne left."

"She'll be ok. She said she's on her way back right?"

"Yeah..." I leaned in to a comforting Sam and felt her lips kiss my head.

Ali had come back to the flat with us, but had elected to return to the club to find the boys, allowing me to talk to Anna on my own. Not that I was actually on my own. I had practically forced Sam to stay.

"Where is she?" I asked after another five minutes, looking impatiently at my phone for the time. "Do you think she's alright?"

"If she's not back in ten minutes we'll go and look for her."


"You're really tense. Why are you so worried? She just got a bit upset and she's coming back to tell you why."

"Just... things haven't been the same between us for a while now. I'm worried about her."

"She can take of herself."

"I know... It's just, she's always been more... how can I put this? More... Rapunzel than Mulan."

"What?" Sam chuckled, confused by my description. 

"Well, she's more damsel in distress than femenist fighter. She always gets in to relationships, relies on them, goes head over heels and then something bad happens and she's swept in to despair and needs another relationship to sort it out. Or me. Either way, she can't support herself emotionally for too long, and I have a feeling that Leanne not calling her is really starting to affect her."

"So that's just how she does relationships. You told me yourself about what Ali said when she was dating you. About her acting the jealous, weak girlfriend. Maybe she's just not found a relationship yet that allows her to stand on her own as well as with her partner. Besides, if she is a little bit immature, university will soon sort that out. Couple of years here and she'll be mature enough to be a Mulan."

"You're mature and sensible, and you didn't go to university."

"But I already had a business at my fingertips. And I had to learn to grow up when I was younger."


"My mother wasn't very good with children. Nannies were the only mother figure my sister and I saw on a regular basis until I could take care of myself. Then she began to take an interest."

"When was that?"

"I could do most things at about eight. But she kept nannies, and then tutors all the way through our childhood and teenage years."

"What, until you were twenty?"

"No. By then I'd started to rebel and go my own way. I'd rebelled when I was younger obviously, but I had the power to do it properly at eighteen. I moved out at nineteen and got a bank loan to start Pieces. I still have the inheritance coming through, but my mother decrees when that is put in to my bank."

"I can't imagine you rebelling. Were you very rich?"

"Yes, very. And still am technically. Family money and all that. Am I much more attractive now that you know I'm worth a lot?"

"You couldn't be more attractive than you are to me now. Well maybe not specifically now... when I first met you, when I saw you again, at your art evening..."

"So you like when I dress up?"

"Well yes. But I like it when you don't as well."

She kissed me and smiled.

"I'm so used to people going out with me because they think money should be with money. I'm glad you didn't know."

"I doubt it would have mattered to me. I have family money too."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, we're talking about two hundred. You're going out with a gold mine." I winked and she chuckled."So, tell me about the rebellious Sam."

"Well, Samantha..."

"... No way! Samantha? I guess I'd never thought you were called anything but Sam. Samantha seems weird."

"I hated it. Too girly."

"Did you have to wear dresses?" I asked, knowing she would never wear one.

"Oh yes. In pink."

"Oh no!" I laughed. "Please tell me you have pictures."

"I don't."

"But your mother does! I have to see them!"

"That would involve seeing my mother again."

"True... Anyway, tell me about rebellious Samantha." I said with a giggle.

"Well, I started with the usual, cutting my lessons, sneaking out, cutting my hair, refusing dresses and wearing shirts and jeans instead..."

"Oh yes, that's the usual rebellion." My rebellion had been screaming and yelling and hiding in my room. It had been short lived, but it had been rebellion.

"Well, then I started to really try and get my mother's attention. I did things young ladies of society should never do." Her mischevious smile was laced with the rememberence of the arguement that had obviously insued.

"What sort of things?"

"I screwed the tutor."

I stared at her.

"Man or woman?"

"Woman of course. I'd known for years I was gay. My coming out was one of my 'rebellious moments'. At least that's what my mother thought. I mean, the staging was, but the actual coming out wasn't."

"The staging?"

"A big, very important meal hosted by my mother for all the society ladies and their sons and daughters. She kept nudging me towards these young men that she knew, that were in line for high paid jobs or fortunes. So I told her I wasn't going to date one, because I was gay. She told me not to be stupid and started pushing me at another man, so I shouted it in all the fuss. It was the gossip in our circle for weeks."

"Wow. What a regular rebel. I guess you started listening to rock music and wearing lots of eyeliner too."

"Are you laughing at me?" She asked as I tried to hide my grin.

"No..." I gasped, fighting down the corners of my lips.

"Yes you are!" She began to tickle me and I squirmed and writhed next to her, giggling hysterically.

"Stop! Stop! I hate... tickling!!!"

Through my laughter and breathlessness I heard her laughing and then felt her release me. I caught my breath and climbed on her, tickling her gently, and kissing her neck at the same time. Then I paused to look at her.

"You look like you just had sex." She smirked and ran her hands through my hair.

"You would know." I muttered, and she grinned and kissed me.

"I love you." She muttered as we released each others lips. I opened my eyes and stared at her for a moment, shocked, but not unhappy. "Damn. Sorry, too early?"

"No. No. I was just thinking."

"Thinking?" She asked, looking a little desperate.

"About how I can say that truthfully, I love you too." I smiled and stroked her hair out of her eyes, before leaning down and kissing her softly. She groaned and slid her hands up on to my boobs, rubbing them gently. Then the unmistakable sound of the front door tore us apart. I slid off of her and on to the sofa, running my hands through my hair to put it back to some semblence of normal.

"Cara?" Anna's voice floated through from the corridor.

"In here!" I yelled back, straightening my top and giving Sam a quick smile before Anna walked in.

The End

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