Anna: The Secret SnicketMature

I felt a surge of rage wash over me as Jak reminded me that I hadn’t seen, heard or had sex with Leanne for over a week now and in a sudden rush of annoyance and frustration the half glass of cider which I had been drinking was pelted down at the floor where it shattered. I turned on my heel before I could be reprimanded for purposely smashing a glass and hurried out tears starting to well in my eyes.

When I had got safely out of the throng of people who were dancing nonchalantly to the music I turned left then right and ran down a snicket which was devoid of any daylight. The trees on either side of the fence had grown over their fences and had formed a sort of canopy which made it look slightly ominous and beautiful at the same time. I had never seen this snicket before and by the looks of things, no-one else knew about it either, the only thing on the ground was some leaves which must have been blown by the wind. There were no cigarette ends or discarded crisp packets here, just a few leaves. I had no idea where this snicket was leading me; it seemed to go on forever, however the sound of rumbling cars seemed to be fading into the distance. When I could run no longer I crumpled, sliding down the rough fence, tears now streaming down my face. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed Leanne’s number.

It rang and it rang and no-one picked up; in frustration I threw my mobile at the opposite fence where the back of the phone which covered the battery dropped off. I reached over and grabbed my mobile, checked it was still okay, fixed the cover back on and pocketed my mobile.

I got to my feet and continued walking down the snicket eventually coming to the end which was hidden from view by a mass of thorn bushes. I looked around and found myself in a little village with only several houses and a forest next to it. I spotted a sign which told me that the village the little snicket had led me to was called UnderSillon and five miles up the road was another village called OverSillon.

Although it was dark I could see that this village was beautiful, and its beauty made me forget why I had left the fringe until the sound of my phone ringing brought me out of my reverie.

I checked who was ringing me and saw that it was Ali, I rejected the call. Not long after that my phone came to life again and it was Cara ringing me. My thumb hovered momentarily on the reject button but I thought better of it and answered the call.

“Anna where the hell are you? I’ve been looking everywhere for you, I even went back to the flat but you’re not there what’s going on?” she asked, a worried tone in her voice.

I took a moment to think about what I was going to say,

“Anna? You there?”

“Yeah I’m here” I murmured into my mobile.

“Where are you, I want to talk to you” she asked, with that worried tone still present in her voice.

“I’m coming back now, I’ll see you back at the flat” I said before hanging up and making my way back up UnderSillon’s street lamp lit road, through the overgrown bushes and back down the secret snicket which lead back to town. As I walked I agreed that I wouldn’t tell anyone, not even Cara that there was a secret snicket which lead to a tranquil village by a forest, and deciding that I would come back in the light and do some more exploring.

The fact that there was a snicket which no-one knew about which led to a small village had driven Leanne out of my mind for the first time in ages but as I walked back to ‘reality’ so to speak I pulled out my mobile and dialed Leanne’s number again, and this time I let it ring until her answer phone kicked in.

“Hey, you have reached Megan and I am not available at the moment, but if you leave your name and number I’ll get back to you. Lovage!”

I hung up before the message beeped, totally confused now, my first thought was that id dialed the wrong number but that thought was stamped on when I realised that  I had gotten Leanne’s number from the address book on the phone and Leanne had answered before.  If that was Leanne’s voicemail and I was pretty sure it was then why was she saying that she was called Megan? Why was she talking in a very sexy and seductive voice when anyone could hear her voicemail? And since when did she say the word ‘Lovage’?  

I was baffled and felt very hurt as my mind whizzed into overdrive and I tried to think up answers for what I had heard, each as preposterous as the next! I decided that I would have to question Leanne about this when she got back or when she actually bothers to get in contact with me!

I had been so lost in my own thoughts it was a moment before I realised that I had left the snicket and was passing the now closed Fringe. I was about ten minutes from getting back to the flat and I needed to come up with a story for my behaviour which Cara would believe. I don’t know why I wasn’t telling her exactly what was going on, perhaps because I wasn’t sure myself? Maybe because I was scared of how she would react? I wasn’t sure but for whatever reason I had to think of something which she would believe.

She already knew that I had been upset because Leanne hadn’t rang or text me since she went away so I had to make it seem as though there was nothing more on that front. Maybe just was I was hormonal? That would work; she knows how I sometimes when it’s the wrong time of the month, a small bit of banter could not be seen as banter but as something completely different.

I was so confused and for the first time in my life, I felt so lost and alone in a big wide world of strangers.

The End

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