Anna: Jam Sandwiches!Mature

As predicted Cara knocked on my bedroom door not ten minutes later and entered despite me not saying that she could come in.

“You’re never ‘not hungry’ Anna” she air quoted ‘not hungry’ with her fingers and stared at me with wide and slightly protuberant eyes. “Something’s on your mind and I think I know what it is!”

“Nothings up!” I insisted flaring up slightly and getting up off my bed, “I ate only a few hours ago and it was a big lunch so I am not very hungry” I lied albeit not very convincingly, I had been asleep so had not eaten since breakfast but the news that Cara’s sleeping with Sam was not the first time had made me lose my appetite for some reason.

“I know when you’re lying, I’ve always known so sit down, stop being so defensive and talk to me Anna” Cara commanded and for some unknown reason I didn’t dare disobey. “Now tell me, what’s wrong?”

I tried in the second before answering her to find a loophole, a way to get out of telling Cara what was really wrong but none came to me. I sighed resigning myself to telling Cara what was on my mind, however I wasn’t going to mention the fact that her sleeping with Sam made my stomach churn and made the green eyed monster rise up inside me like a beast. No!

“You know that Leanne went away with work”


“Well she promised to ring and text me all the time whilst she was away but she hasn’t” I said talking to my feet rather than look at Cara.

“Well maybe  she’s been so busy she’s not had time to, then she’s been so tired when she’s finished that she had just fallen straight to sleep” Cara reasoned biting her lip slightly .

“Possibly” I murmured then looked up and gave her a wide fake smile, “Yeah that will be it!”  I said in a falsely bright tone which seemed to convince Cara at any rate although my mind couldn’t help focusing on how breathless Leanne sounded when she had picked up her phone. Surely her job couldn’t make her breathless could it?

“So are you coming down? Ali has made plenty of delicious food!”

“I already told you I am still full from lunch!”

“So am I but I’ll squeeze something down!” Cara argued.

“Cara, I’m not….”

“Anna, I am always weary when you say that because last time I took you at your word you got so thin and ended up in hospital after fainting. I was so scared when you collapsed right in front of me so like it or not you are coming downstairs and eating a decent plateful of food!” Cara said, I opened my mouth to argue but Cara cut across me, “Then you can burn it off by cheering yourself hoarse tonight when the band plays!” Cara finished

Sighing I allowed Cara to drag me from my room, down the steep stairs into the living room where Ali had put together a spread of food ranging from pasta to ham sandwiches and even and I laughed slightly when I spotted them, “Jam Sandwiches, I haven’t had a jam sandwich in years!” Cara giggled and pressed a plate into my hand and pointed at the plate with the jam sandwiches on.

I smiled at Cara before helping myself to a couple before turning to go and sit down but Cara grabbed my arm and muttered, “That’s not enough!”

Rolling my eyes I grabbed a slice of quiche and a sausage roll and held my plate out for Cara to examine, she eyed it closely and then gave me the thumbs up at which I turned a hurried off to sit next to Liam who had a plate piled high with a mountain of food.

“Haven’t you eaten today?” I asked him and he shook his head,

“Been too busy today, haven’t had time to with one thing or another so I am absolutely starving now” he said taking a large bite out of a slice of fudge cake. I took a bite out of a jam sandwich and closed my eyes enjoying the flavor and inwardly reprimanding myself for not eating a jam sandwich in years!

The End

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