Anna: Things Playing On My MindMature

I took a couple of tiny steps backwards and blinked, surely Cara was winding me up, she had to be, but her serious face made my stomach churn.

I opened and closed my mouth a couple of times, rather like a goldfish out of water and I tried a form a coherent sentence inside my head.

“Is this a joke?” I asked hoping that she would shout something like ‘just kidding’ or ‘April fool’ but for one thing it wasn’t April and for another if she had been joking I would have been able to tell straight away.


“W…. when?” I spluttered unable to keep a note of incredulity out of my voice, I was shocked that Cara hadn’t given me all the juicy details the day after she had done it. I mean I am her best friend!

“Several weeks back, it wasn’t planned I swear it wasn’t it just sort of happened”

“Yeah it does just happen” I muttered more to myself than to Cara, thinking back to when I was dating Matt and how that ‘just happened’.

“Oh, well cool” I said distractedly feeling slightly hurt, I don’t know what it was but it was as though the green eyed monster had flared up inside me and I suddenly felt betrayed and slightly hurt was an understatement.

I turned and left the room without another word, a second before Cara’s bedroom door clicked shut I was sure that Cara made to say something but stopped herself. I allowed a single stray tear to slip down my face, I don’t know what had caused me to react in such a way, I mean I had slept with Leanne more than once and Cara obviously didn’t feel like this. I was confused.

I shuffled upstairs and slipped inside my bedroom and flopped onto my bed, I slid my mobile from my pocket and checked it. I had still heard nothing from Leanne since I had rung her. Maybe I had got her in trouble? Or maybe she was annoyed at me? Or maybe….. I stopped as my brain began to reel off all maybe situations possible each as unlikely as the next. I contented myself by sending a text to Leanne and hoping against hope that she replied.

‘Hey Lea, missing you like crazy, when are you home? Love Anna x’

I turned my mobile over and over in my hand for what seemed an age willing it to kick into action and make a noise to signal that Leanne had replied to me but to no avail. I slipped my phone back into my pocket and slumped back onto down onto my soft duvet.


Tap Tap Tap!  A soft knocking on my bedroom door roused me from my sleep, I must have slept for a good few hours as dusk was upon us, the setting sun tinged the sky and the clouds a pinky purply colour and in the distance I could hear several crickets chirping noisily.

Ali poked her head around the door.

“Hey, I’ve made food for everyone downstairs, as the band is playing tonight at I’ll be late by the time they are finished. I hope you’re hungry, you coming downstairs?” she asked a smile on her face. The honest answer was yes I was hungry however I didn’t feel much like socialising.

“Thanks Ali but I’m not really hungry at the moment, mind saving me some for later on?” I said so as to not sound ungrateful and rude. The smile on her face fell but she nodded before leaving my room, a look of concern on her face. At a guess I imagined that she was off the voice her concerns about me‘not being hungry’to Cara who would probably be concerned herself.

I had to make it seem that the fact that Cara was sleeping with a girl she hasn’t known that long and that Leanne hadn’t contacted me since she had gone away with work wasn’t playing on my mind.

The End

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