Cara: Anna knowsMature

I woke to the sound of clinking china. My eyes opened and I rolled gently towards the sound. Sam grinned at me, holding two mugs of tea in her hand.

"You're an angel." I muttered as I took the mug and sipped the hot liquid. "Mmmm, a fabulous tea making angel."

Sam crawled in next to me and kissed my cheek.

"So I'm forgiven for the whole 'mum' situation?"

"After last night, I'd have forgiven you if you'd brought the whole family, and all your friends."

"It was the dress that did it. That thing was made to make me weak at the knees."

"I almost didn't wear it you know. Anna and Ali basically forced me in to it." Silence followed. "What?"

"Nothing. Just, thanking Anna and Ali is all."

"I thought you didn't want to be distracted." I grinned, taking another sip of tea.

She looked up from her mug.

"I'd have been distracted no matter what you were wearing. When I'm with you, nothing else exists."

I blushed and stared at her, but she had her head down as if she were embarrassed, or waiting.

"Sam?" I nudged her but she did not respond. I put down my mug, took hers and settled it next to mine, then threw one leg over her, so I was sitting over her under the covers. I stroked back her hair and she looked at me with those dark eyes, and I felt warmth surge through my heart. "Hey." I whispered.


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just... I've never said that to anyone before. And meant it."

"Well, I feel the same. Only, I feel as though everything exists, but it's channelled through you."

She stared at me momentarily before a small smile crept on to her lips and she leant up to claim my lips in hers.

"No one would know you're as young as you are. You're so mature."

"I'm sorry, have we met?"

She laughed.

"No, I mean you can be as immature as you want, but when it comes down to it, you have an old head on your shoulders."

"So we haven't met."

"This would be a very awkward position to be in if we hadn't met." She muttered, looking down at my legs straddling her body.

"Depends. At least we're attracted to each other. That has to make it less awkward."

"Oh no, I think it would make it worse. I'd want to be with you, but I would never ask because I'd feel like you'd think I was expecting it, just because we were like this."

"And you say I talk too much." I giggled before planting a kiss on her lips. 

"You do." She muttered, and then sharply rolled over. I yelled out as I fell and landed on the other side of the bed, Sam over me. "But I told you, I figured out how to make you shut up." She began kissing me again, and as her lips trailed down my neck I grinned, a comeback having popped in to my head.

"But your solution doesn't generally end in me being very quiet does it?"

"That's the part I love the best." She laughed as she continued her route downwards.


I crept through the door, wearing one of Sam's jumpers and her running trousers. The dress was slung over my arm, and I slipped my shoes off so I could tip-toe down the corridor. I reached my door and was just sliding it open when I heard a voice.

"Ahem. Dirty stop out." Anna was leaning against the door, her arms crossed.

"Anna!" I couldn't have looked or felt more guilty if I tried. "What are you doing up?"

"It's ten Cara. It's not like it's early."

"Early for you."

"So. Good night?"

"It was, good, yeah, good." I threw the shoes down and went in to my room, hoping she wouldn't follow but knowing she would.

"So you crashed at Sam's?"


"In her bed?" I didn't answer, hanging up the dress instead and going over to plug my phone in to charge."Huh, guess the dress did the trick then."

"Anna. Seriously are you mad or something?" I asked, turning round and raising my voice a little, not feeling comfortable with the questions.

"Mad? Why would I be mad?"

"Well because I slept with Sam."

"Oh so you did."

"Yes. Yes I did." I said proudly and defiantly.

"Well... as long as you're happy."

"I am. I'm really happy." She didn't look mad, just a little upset. "I'm sorry if I shocked you."

"You didn't. Well, yeah, you kind of did, but it's nothing really."

"I just... I really like her Anna. She's... something about her just... clicks."

"Well good. Those her clothes?"



"You're not upset? Or mad?"

"No. Why would I be?"

"No reason. Ok so... if you're not... then maybe I ought to tell you something."


"This kind of... isn't the first time. I've slept with her already."

Anna's eyes widened and she seemed to be struggling for words. I waited anxiously for her opinion.

The End

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