Anna: Dirty Stop OutMature

I honestly believe that Ali was genuinely sorry for her actions and wanted to change, her explanation explained every jibe and aggressive act she had ever done to me and to see her upset and crying and looking downright miserable had made my heart go out to her and despite everything. I believed her.

Maybe it had been because I had never got to know Ali but we actually had a fair bit in common and after we had reintroduced ourselves we spent a happy afternoon discussing future plans for after university.

“I would love to go travelling after uni” Ali enthused, “Ever since I was little I have always wanted to go on a Safari, as I have always wanted to see baby leopards and lions and tigers up close.”

“That sounds so cool!”

“We should go together!” she suggested smiling.

“Yeah” I said feeling slightly awkward as despite patching things up with Ali, it felt strange making plans to go on a Safari with her when not long previously she had given me a fat lip.  We sat in silence for a few minutes, neither of us sure what to say to each other and after what seemed an age it was Ali who breached the silence.

“So what do you want to do after uni?”


Much later, I was sitting in the living room waiting up for Cara to return from her night out but I must have fallen asleep as when I awoke sunlight was streaming through the window and birds were twittering loudly outside. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and shuffled towards Cara’s bedroom; I tapped gently and received no response. Perplexed I knocked again, a tad louder than before and still got nothing, I turned the handle slowly and pushed the door ajar. There was no Cara shaped lump underneath her many covers and pillows, infact her bed still looked nicely made from the previous day … almost as though she hadn’t slept in it.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and tapped it, the screen flashed to life however there was no texts from Cara or and my heart plummeted as I looked at the text free screen – Leanne, despite her promise to text and ring she had not done either.

I walked slowly into the kitchen to make sure that Cara wasn’t in there making herself a hot drink or breakfast or even nursing a hangover but in the kitchen I saw Liam instead.

“Morning” he said smiling


“At a guess I’d say that Cara stayed with Sam last night” he said winking knowledgably at me.

“Didn’t think Sam would have a spare bed” I said stupidly before thinking about what I was saying.

“Don’t be thick Anna!” Liam said laughing, “They wouldn’tneeda spare bed would they?”

“Suppose not” I replied grudgingly feeling slightly vexed at the thought that Cara hadn’t been dating Sam that long and yet it seemed obvious that they were having sex. Of course I wouldn’t say that to her face as she would just call me a hypocrite as I had had sex with Leanne before actually dating her officially. Officially meaning that my relationship status on Facebook had changed to show that I was in a relationship with her.

“Cara you dirty stop out” I said and both Liam and I laughed.

“So what are you going to do today?” Liam asked me curiously.

“Not a lot probably, might tag along to the Fringe tonight and watch you play, it is tonight isn’t it?” I checked.

“Yeah, if Cara shows her face today!” he chuckled.

“Aww leave her be, she’s in love”

“Too in love” he muttered

“What’s that mean?”

“Nothing as long as she doesn’t forget about the band now she’s got…” he cleared his throat, “Other priorities.”

“Right…” I said awkwardly, “Anyway I said id ring Leanne so I better do that” I lied before scuttling out of the kitchen and into my bedroom. I pulled my phone out of my pocket where I had replaced it earlier on when I had checked it for texts or phone calls and scrolled through my contacts until I found Leanne’s number.

I pressed the call button and waited. It rang for almost a whole minute or two before Leanne finally answered.

“Hey darl, listen Ican’ttalk, I’m in a meeting, but I will speak later. Bye” she said before putting the phone down. Was it my imagination or did Leanne sound quite irritated that I had rang her yet also sounded quite breathless?

My mind whizzed into overdrive.

The End

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