Cara: Music PracticeMature

My phone buzzed in my lap as I tried to concentrate on the lecture. I held out for two minutes more before giving in and checking it. It was Liam.

Hey guys. Got a call from Fringe. They want another show. Tomorrow.
We gd for that?

Yeah sure why not.

I replied, then returned to the lecture. As it finished I got another text.

K, we rehearse today. Jak's place. Meet there in 10.

I rolled my eyes. They had no real thought for any plans. But it was only 12, so I could spare a couple of hours before I had to go home and get some work done so I could go out.

I headed over to Jak's place, which was where we went to rehearse if we didn't want spectators. We'd come to the conclusion as a band that although we liked the audience, it was nice sometimes to just be together and with no one else there. Jak's house was empty, for the sole reason that his parents were loaded and had bought him the house for his student living. Lucky bastard.

"There you are!" Liam grinned as he opened the door.

"Yeah I'm here, I'm here. There had better be food."

"We're cooking."

"Then I forgive you for ordering me around at lunch time." He laughed and gave me a bear hug, then I followed him in. The smells of food wafted throughout the house. "What is that and why is it not on a plate in front of me?" I asked as I entered the kitchen. Jak grinned and showed me sausages and mash cooking away merrily. 

"It'll be done soon."

"I love you." I threw myself down and grinned at Callum who smiled back.

"If you love me, does that mean I get a kiss?" Jak winked as he started poking the sausages.

"For your birthday or Christmas and even then only on the cheek."

"Aw why?" He pretended to moan.

"I'm afraid if I give you anything more I'll make it in to your spank bank." I winked.

"You're already there." He winked back. We laughed and Liam chuckled, plonking himself next to me.

"How'd I manage that? I always make sure I'm suitably dressed for you." I called across to him  as the oven began to beep and I leaned against Liam.

"You forget I've seen you making out with your girlfriend."

I rolled my eyes.

"Typical man."

"Hey." Liam complained, poking me lightly.

"You're exempt Liam. You too Callum. Maybe I should have said typical Jak."

"You want bangers and mash or what?" Jak grinned, bringing some over.

"NOM! Gimme." I took the plate and dug in.

"You're so much like one of the guys, if you didn't have boobs I'd forget you are a girl." Liam laughed.

I pulled a face at him.

"Wait till you see what I'm wearing to Sam's gallery show tonight. You'll remember I'm a girl then."

"I think I want to see this dress." Jak winked.

The End

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