Anna: Comforting AliMature

Cara had looked absolutely amazing in the little black dress that she had slipped on at the end of the night and I admit it had been my guilty pleasure to momentarily glance at how much the size of her breasts were emphasized in the dress. Sam would definitely be distracted by Cara’s beauty. As the night drew to an end and I had bade Cara goodnight and reluctantly said goodnight to Ali – who I was still highly annoyed with for a) ruining my night with Cara which had been going perfectly, and b) eating my curry. It had annoyed my slightly that Cara hadn’t said anything to stop Ali joining us either but I wasn’t going to press the matter as I wasn’t keen on another argument. I just felt a little hurt and was missing my best friend.

I slipped under the covers of my bed and curled into a comfortable position, wrapping the duvet around me like a cocoon. It felt strange not having Leanne sleeping next to be but I knew she couldn’t be there all the time as she has to hold down her job but on the nights when I had to the bed to myself I longed for her to be sharing it with me. I picked up my phone from the bedside table where I had put it hours ago to prevent the temptation of texting Leanne and focusing everything on my night with Cara, and spotted an unread text from Leanne.

I clicked it open and read;

Anna hunni, really sorry but I have to go away with work for a few weeks, it was all last minute and I have said yes because I get a huge bonus if I go. Really sorry but I will ring and text you every night. I love you xx

I elbowed myself into a sitting position and read and re-read the text several times, my heart sinking and coming to rest somewhere in my stomach. I wasn’t going to see Leanne for a few weeks, meaning that it could be more or less than two weeks. My mood which had been reasonably high despite Ali’s intrusion suddenly plummeted and I felt dejected. Then it struck me that in all the time I had been dating her I had never once asked about her job, never taken the time to ask what her job entailed – I had never really thought about it but this trip away with work suggested to me that she didn’t have some part time job until she found something better but a proper full time job. But then how was she able to get so much time off, weeks at a time staying here, I was rattled but then I always did have a nasty habit of over thinking things especially when I was tired. I slid back down into the depths of my bed, deciding in my head that I would ask Leanne what her job was when she returned, replied to Leanne with a short,‘ok hunni x’,replaced my phone back onto my bedside table and allowed sleep to shroud my vision and before I knew it the first rays of the morning sun’s rays were visible through my closed eyelids.

I slipped slowly out of bed and pulled on my dressing gown, the clock in my room said that it was quarter past ten. Cara would have gone to her lecture by now, so despite Matt who never came out of his room nowadays I had the house to myself, or so I thought. I left my bedroom and went downstairs and into the kitchen to fill up the kettle and was surprised to see Ali sitting at the kitchen table in a white fluffy dressing gown and looking puffy eyed. Why wasn’t she at her lecture with Cara?

I edged into the room tentatively as when Ali was upset she was likely explode, Ali didn’t even look up from her mug of hot chocolate which looked as though it had gone cold.

“Ali? Are you okay?” I asked, taking a nervous step towards her but keeping out of arms reach of her so that she couldn’t reach me to hit me.

No reply, she continued her glassy eyed staring at her mug, her eyes unfocussed. Despite all my negative feeling towards her had been, to see her in this sorry state did make me feel for her, I did hate seeing other people upset and hurt and always tried to help if I could.

I sat myself down on the wooden chair next to Ali and nudged her until she looked up at me, her eyes were bloodshot and puffy and filled with tears.

“Hey what’s the matter?” I asked her, forgetting all my hatred of her and wrapping a consoling arm around her. She didn’t say anything but instead burst into new sobs, tears splashing down her face.

“Look at you!” she sobbed, “You have every right to hate me and here you are comforting me after everything I have done to you!”

“Never mind that” I said, “What’s got you in this state?”

The End

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