Cara: Little Black DressMature

I kind of felt bad that Ali had crashed mine and Anna's evening, but I also couldn't help feeling that I owed it to her, having passed completely over her when Anna and I had broken up. It was still a subject of guilt to me, even though I was happy with Sam.

Avatar finished and Anna went to turn it off.

"I love that film." Ali repeated, smiling and putting down the plate.

"Me too." I grinned, and got up to get another drink.

"So Cara, how's it going with Sam?" She asked, a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Great." I voiced, not wanting to let the conversation drag on. I'd lied to Anna about the state of the relationship, and I wasn't going to drag out Ali's hurt by bursting in to smiles."What about you? How was your friend's house? Why'd you leave?"

"I felt a bit out of place is all. And I had fun I guess."

"Sorry, I should have realised; introduced you to more people. I thought you were getting on with Shaun though."

"Yeah he was nice. But I couldn't really keep him hostage all night. I thought I'd just let you have a nice evening."

"Well I'm sorry you didn't feel comfortable." I turned back to them, drinks in hand. "But at least you had a nice time with your friend."


"So what's this art evening with Sam you told me about?" Anna asked, coming over and taking one of the drinks.

"Oh, nothing, her gallery is just doing one of the shows and she asked me to come along."

"She's mixing business with pleasure? That can only end badly." Anna joked.

"As if I'm not nervous enough already." I poked her.

"Why? You like her and everything; it'll be fine."

"Except they'll all be  posh, and I'll stick out like a sore thumb."

"No you won't. I'm guessing the dress code is smart right?"


"So wear the black dress that plunges..."

"...No way! I can't wear that!"

"Why not?"

I thought of Sam's jealousy talk this morning.

"I don't want to distract her."

Anna giggled, and so did Ali.

"Ohhhhh... now you have to wear it. You think she'd be distracted?" Ali laughed.

"That's easy for you to say, you haven't seen it!" I muttered, as the girls both giggled.

"Go put it on and show me." Ali said.


"Cara, for once I agree. GO PUT IT ON." Anna put her hand on her hip and adopted a stern face as she used her other hand to point down the corridor.

I slunk away and opened my wardrobe. The dress in question had been bought by me when I was feeling very brave and thinking ahead for any time when the band might be hired for a posh do. In our wildest hopes and dreams. Well, not wildest, but certainly a money earning dream...

"CARA! Hurry up!" Anna yelled from the kitchen. I scowled and pulled out the dress, slipping my clothes off and donning it. It was a little sexy, with a halterneck strap and a 'just above the kneeline' skirt that puffed out a little. I slipped on my back heels and went out in to the kitchen.

"Well?" I asked, eyes rolling.

Ali coughed a little.

"Um... wow. Yeah, I can see how she might get distracted by that. Maybe something more conservative...?"

"Thank you." I cried, but Anna shook her head.

"You want her to see you in something like this before you do it, because when she's seen you butt naked there's going to be nothing better to her."

I blushed.

"Oh my god Anna! Has having sex with Leanne changed you or what?" I gave her a push, both embarrassed and considering what she'd just said, especially since Sam had already seen me 'butt naked'.

"Just wear the dress." She said dryly, sticking her tongue out. "But make her wait..." She added as an after thought.

"Wait for what?" I asked, distracted and not thinking fast enough.

"To see you butt naked moron." She giggled.

The End

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