Anna: Two's Company, Three's A Crowd!Mature

The afternoon went very quickly with the prospect of actually spending time with Cara; it had been ages since we had spent some quality time together. Shaun had decided to go home instead of staying another night but I had insisted that he got someone to pick him up because I wasn’t too happy about the idea of him going home alone. Ali was still at her friends and I hoped to god that she would be staying there as I didn’t think I could bear it if she came back and joined in mine and Cara’s girly night in.

I don’t know whether it was just because I hadn’t spent any time with her for a while or old ‘feelings’ reawakening but my heart seemed to leap every time I thought of it – I couldn’t decide which was more likely but when the evening rolled around my heart was racing. I shoved on a long black and white striped tank top which did my cleavage justice even if I was only wearing it because it was comfortable, some short denim shorts and black leggings. Since we weren’t intending on going out I shoved on my florescent pink legwarmers over my feet to keep them warm as I couldn’t find any matching socks which would go with the outfit.

I walked out of my room and bounded happily down the stairs and knocked twice on Cara’s bedroom since I could no longer knock on her wall and receive a knock back to tell me that she was ready. Cara opened the door and smiled when she saw me.

“You didn’t need to get dressed up silly!” she said,

“I know but I wanted to look nice, even if we are only saying here but I was thinking, how do you fancy getting an Indian takeout and watching a film and getting a bottle of something?” I suggested.

“Sounds like a plan!” she enthused, “I’m going to get Vegetable Biryani and Naan bread, what about you?”

“Mushroom Kashmiri and Naan bread” I said feeling my stomach growl just at the thought of getting Indian takeout.

“Never tried it but I am sure it will be awesome, come on lets ring now I’m hungry!” she said almost running into the kitchen to the drawer where we kept all the takeaway menus. She yanked the draw so far that it threatened to come out completely and started rifling though it for the Indian takeout known as ‘Ashers’ which was our all time favorite.

“Here it is!” she said after a minute of searching and she held it aloft like a trophy, “Grab the phone and I will order” Cara said excitedly.


Cara and I were slobbing on the couch, full to breaking points from our curry but we were satisfied. Half of my Mushroom Kashmiri was still on the table along with a piece of Naan bread which I had already decided I would save for the next day – possibly my breakfast. The film – Avatar this time – was about three quarters of the way through when we heard the front door click shut and a very unwelcome voice shouted, “I’m back!” before Ali poked her head around the living room door.

Ali made no sign that she had seen me in the room and addressed Cara, as though she was the person in the room.

“Hey Cara” she said cheerfully, dumping her bag at the door and bounding over to where Cara was sitting and purposely placing herself between Cara and me.

“Ooh curry!” she said spotting the curry I had left for tomorrow, “I love curry! She enthused before cheekily picking up my plate, taking it into the kitchen, heating it up and bringing it back.

“Errm” I said but she gave me the dirtiest of looks which Cara completely missed, her eyes on the film and I fell silent.

“Mind if I join you, I haven’t watched Avatar in ages and its one of my all time favorites!”

Cara hesitated then said, “Sure, why not.”

Ali smiled and coiled an arm around Cara to give her a hug then went back to eating the remainder of my would have been breakfast. I sighed and muttered, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd!”

The End

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