Anna: Averted GazeMature

The crowd of hung-over friends began to slim by lunchtime when many of them could not stand to watch another ‘action packed’ Jeremy Kyle episode which had been on back to back for the last hour and a half and threatened to continue. Many of them muttered words of thanks as they left saying that they would be falling back into bed when they got home to sleep off their self induced illness’s.

Soon only Shaun, Frankey-Leigh and a girl called Daisy who  was a friend of Frankey’s who she’d dragged along were left to leave, they did not however show any signs of leaving and it was only when Frankey-Leigh showed signs of falling back to sleep again did I put my foot down and say rather insistently,

“Don’t you think it’s time to go home?”

“Yeah you’re probably right Anna” yawned Frankey from the nearby chair where she was close to dozing off. I gave her friend a look which she understood and Daisy got to her feet.

“Come on Frankey, time to make tracks otherwise we will miss the train,” she said walking over to her friend, grabbing her arm and pulling her out of her chair. Frankey moaned with displeasure about being uprooted from her comfy armchair but I didn’t care, I was hung over and didn’t want to play host anymore. Daisy threw Frankey’s coat around her friends shoulders as Frankey herself seemed incapable of doing do it herself, smiles as means of a thank you and left.

I wasn’t too bothered that Shaun was still around, maybe that was because I had known Shaun longer than Frankey-Leigh but his presence was welcomed by me for it meant it was another excuse not to look at Cara who I still felt a surge of embarrassment when I thought about what had happened.

Shaun too had drunk a substantial amount more than the other party guests so was still drifting in and out of consciousness when he wasn’t doing anything. Leanne had told me that Shaun had been sick in a bush on the way to get the bread that morning and then catching the smell then the sight of his sick, had thrown up again in the same bush on the way back.

“Hey Shaun, do you want to crash here another night?” I asked him, “I mean you still look rough as a dog and incapable of finding your way home. I can make up the sofa as a bed?” I offered.

“That would be great Anna, you’re a star!” Shaun said with a smile, leaning back on some cushions he had been propping himself up on.

“Anyone seen Ali?” Cara asked sticking her head around the kitchen door and into the living room, “I haven’t seen her since the party?”

“Is that your other girl house mate?” Shaun asked, I was grateful for this because it meant I didn’t have to look at Cara.


“I heard her on the phone last night, on about staying at a friend’s, didn’t want to be at the party obviously” Shaun said with a shrug, “If I am honest, I can’t remember the latter part of the evening all that clearly, it’s like trying to see to the bottom of a pond with murky water in, it fades into blackness.”

“Very profound” I said

“Well it is!”

“Oh,” Cara said, “I’d made her a coffee is all but I guess I could give it to Leanne, she likes coffee doesn’t she Anna?” Cara asked. I had no choice but to look at Cara now, as she had addressed a question to me.

“Leanne had to go home, they have hit a busy week at work so she won’t be back until the weekend … but you could keep it warm for her” I said lightheartedly before becoming very interested in my laces

“Oh haha” she said a note of irritation in her voice for some reason before disappearing into the kitchen to pour the coffee away.

I got to my feet and went into the kitchen after her,

“What’s got you wound up?” I asked with my hands on my hips.

“You shifting your gaze every time I am anywhere near you, you won’t look at me!”

“That’s because every time I do I remember that you walked in on me and Leanne and I feel embarrassed and don’t want you to judge me, I said sheepishly looking down at my feet.

“I wouldn’t judge you when I’ve ….” She faltered slightly before continuing, “When I’ve not been an angel all my life.”

“Right okay” I said distractedly, my attention focusing on that slight falter, suggesting that there was something that Cara wasn’t telling me.

The End

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