Anna: EmbarrassedMature

My face had burned with embarrassment when Cara had walked in on Leanne and me and I have hurried after Cara to apologise only to have her tell me coolly that it was fine and I shouldn’t worry about it and to go back upstairs and drink the tea that Cara had brought up for us before it got cold.

I walked slowly back upstairs my face still looking as though I was wearing too much blusher and pushed open my bedroom door. Leanne had got dressed and was sipping her tea.

“How’d she take it?”

“She was fine with it, but I must say that was too close to comfort!”I said picking up my tea and taking a sip.

“You’re telling me, you need a lock on that door,”

“We not supposed to have one in case of a fire, landlord’s rules not mine.”

“Well that sucks” taking another slurp of tea

“Cock” I added making Leanne almost spit her tea out everywhere as she struggled to swallow for laughing; her eyes were already streaming with tears from laughing so hard.

“When is this room getting redecorated anyway” Leanne asked when she had calmed down enough to talk without bursting into laughter.

“Who knows, when my dad has time,” I said shrugging, to be honest I wasn’t fussed about my bedroom being redecorated anytime soon because I had now completely covered the grotty walls with posters so that I could not see the awful maroon coloured paint which had being slopped haphazardly onto the walls in haste when they had been done.  I had also placed large rug in the middle of the floor which made the room look a bit better but it still needed redecorating.

I drained the last of my tea then at the sound of voices downstairs I said to Leanne that I thought I heard the other partiers waking up downstairs after crashing out after too much alcohol the previous night. I left the room and headed down the stairs, abandoned my mug in the sink and walked into the living room where some people were beginning to wake.  A pile of cushions in the corner of the room was gently rising and falling concealing Shaun who was the only person I could not see.

“God I drunk too much last night!” Frankey-Leigh groaned, putting her hair on the cooler side of her pillow and sighing pleasantly. I laughed and rolled my eyes, Frankey-Leigh had always been a partier even if she always got so drunk that she couldn’t remember the previous night’s events.

I began to weave in and out of the unconscious friends who littered the floor and towards the cushions concealing Shaun and moved one so that I could check that he was actually still alive. I poked him in the side a few times and he moaned slightly confirming that he was not dead.

“I’d wake him up actually Anna otherwise he will stay there all day you know what Shaun’s like, he is such a lightweight,” Cara said moving into the room. I instantly felt my cheeks blush and averted my eyes so I didn’t have to look at Cara. To kill time before I had to look at Cara I began to gently shake Shaun until he moaned again and opened his eyes.


“Good morning” I said brightly as Shaun squinted up at me, the sunlight steaming in though the curtains which Leanne had just opened seemed to be dazzling him and if I wasn’t very much mistaken – making his head worse.

“is it?” he questioned, wincing slightly.

“Well everyone is a tad hung over,”

“I’m more than a tad, it’s a good think I took the train down and not driven as I still think I am over the limit.”

“Haha, we’ll soon sober you up!” I said.

“Yeah, I’ll go make some breakfast for everyone” Cara said rather cheerfully and my face burned red at the thought that she was still so cheerful after walking in on me and Leanne.  

The End

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