Anna: Disturbed Lie InMature

I had dragged myself to bed to what appeared to me to have been mere moments ago when I was waking up again, sunlight streaming through the closed curtains and my lashes. I lay dosing in bed for a moment or two with my eyes shut, hoping that I might drop off again, listening to the birds tweeting merrily outside and the soft snoring from Leanne asleep next to me. I peered through my heavy eyelids when I was positive that I wasn’t going to drop back off to sleep as much as I wanted to and caught sight of Leanne snuggled as small as she possibly could next to me in the cramped single bed. I pressed my lips against her forehead lovingly and her eyes flickered open.

“Morning” she yawned showing her pearly white teeth which were so perfect that it had been a real shock to find out that she had never had any work done to them.

“How are you feeling this morning?” I asked feeling a dull ache in my head and concluding that I had probably drunk the whole bottle of champagne during the course of the party.

“Hanging slightly but other than that content”

“Content?” I questioned, a smile playing on my lips, I knew of course why she was content but it made my heart skip when I heard her say it.

“Because I am here in bed with the love of my life” she said smiling as she propped herself on her elbows and kissing me tenderly on my lips. I wrapped my arms around her as she kissed me and allowed her hands to wander, successfully finding the bottom of my pyjama top which she quickly tugged off. I followed suit, pulling off her pyjama top to reveal her beautifully symmetrical and rounded breasts.

I pressed my lips harder against hers and our kisses became more passionate, more needing. I cupped her beautiful breasts into my hands and aroused her nipples until they became firm. A moan escaped Leanne’s mouth as my lips traced down from her mouth and I planted a trail of kisses down her neck and breasts. Leanne pushed me backwards so that I was lying on top of the covers and planted kisses across my breasts and stomach, and then she proceeded to slip off my pyjama bottoms, biting her lip rather sexily and glancing up at me as she did so for any change in my expression to indicate that I didn’t want her to do what she was going to do. When I continued to smile warmly at her though she slipped off my pyjama bottoms and tossed them aside – still biting her lip.

She eased my legs apart, looking intent on taking me there and then but before she could do anything the door knob rattled and opened to reveal Cara carrying two cups of tea in her hand. She was smiling but the smile soon fell off her face when she caught sight of Leanne and me on the bed. She hastily put the mugs of steaming tea on the chest of draws by the door and left. I heard her thundering down the stairs as fast as she could.

“Oh fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!”

The End

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