Cara: Birthday PartyMature

As Anna pulled out first my card, and then the charm, her face was filled with smiles. I gave her a smile, happy with the look on her face.

"Thank you Cara, it's beautiful!" She cried as she flung her arms around me. My smile widened.

"That's alright. I thought of you when I saw it." She grinned and fastened it to her bracelet. Then Shaun grabbed her attention and I turned to watch her go, Leanne behind her. Sam's arm slipped around my waist.

"You're a good friend. She looks happy."

"I'm glad. She deserves it. And thank you again for bringing her champagne. It's really sweet of you." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and then leaned against her shoulder, fully satisfied as I watched Anna being half dragged round the room and covered with presents.

"A toast to Anna!" Leanne cried when we'd all helped ourselves to alcohol. I clinked my glass with Anna's and then Sam's. I took a sip of the champagne.

"Ooh. That's good stuff. How much did you spend?" I asked Sam, worried.

"Honestly? I already had the champagne. It was the card I had to buy." She whispered. I felt relief.

"Thank god. I was worried then!" I whispered back, before taking another sip.

"When you get worried, you get a crinkle right there." She gestured gently between my eyes. "It makes you look quite adorable."

I felt heat in my cheeks.

"Stop it." I gave her a light push. "You're making me blush."

"And that is equally attractive on you."

"You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Very much. Now drink your champagne and have fun with your friend, because at some point this evening I will steal you away, and they might not see you until tomorrow." She whispered in to my ear.

I bit my lip and smiled at her knowingly, and then slipped away to Anna's side.

"So, are you enjoying?"

"Yes! Thank you Cara! This is the best!"

"Good. What presents have you got?"

She began to show me, and I tried very hard to keep concentrating on them. I really did. But my eyes kept being drawn to Sam across the room, who was leaning casually on the work surface and chatting to Shaun, who I'd introduced her to before. I smiled, and then dragged my eyes back down to Anna, who was showing me the shower set someone had gotten her.

"That's nice. Good for us students." I smiled. She nodded. Leanne came over with another drink for Anna.

"Here. Drink it, and then we'll put some music on." Anna downed the shot, and then Leanne plugged her ipod in to the docking station.

The party raged from then till 3 in the morning, when a noise complaint meant we had to shut up. We started doing quieter things, like playing games and chatting. I ended up curled on the sofa, leant against Sam with my feet in Liam's lap as Anna sat in front of us, leaning on Leanne. The people who were staying over had begun to crash, and I could see Shaun curled up in the corner, his head on a balloon. He was going to get a nasty surprise when that popped.

"I'm going to bed." Liam said blearily, moving my feet as he stood up. "Great party Anna, happy birthday. Night." He stumbled out.

"Yeah I'm tired too." Ali yawned, and waved sleepily disappearing.

"Well, the party is officially over. Happy birthday Anna." I said, snuggling closer to Sam.

"Thank you Cara."

"No problem." I stood up, and Sam followed me.

"Show me out?" She asked. I nodded. She was probably too tired for anything and just wanted to go home.

"Night Anna, thank you for having me. Happy birthday. Good to meet you Leanne."

They blearily said goodbye as we made our way down the corridor. As we reached the front door, Sam opened it.

"Goodnight Cara." She murmured.

"Do you have to go?" I whispered, pouting.


"Goodnight then." I gave her a kiss. Then she closed the door behind her.

I tried to hold back a giggle as she winked at me, and took my hand to take me to my room. I locked the door behind me and then turned in the darkness. Somehow she found me and kissed me, a soft sweet kiss that tasted like honey.

"Can we just lie together?" She asked as she stroked my face.

"Oh thank god. I'm knackered." I giggled, and she stifled another giggle.

And so it was that when I woke up the next morning, I woke to Sam's arms around me, and the scent of her filling my senses. Well almost all.

My headache was still the primary force.

The End

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