Cara: Surprise BirthdayMature

"Listen Ali," I whispered when Anna had left the room. "It's Anna's birthday today, and I've been planning a surprise party here for her. When we go in to town I need you to help me get the decorations. I've got people coming, all bringing some food and booze, but I think we need to make it special. Is that ok with you?"

Her face was saying no. Not at all.


"Thanks, you're a star."

"No problem."

"Well, I'll go get my things and then I'll be ready. Liam's going to make sure she's out of the house so we can set up. Is there anyone you want to invite?"

"No, I'm alright."

"Ok. Well, see you in five then!"

I went to my room and sought out my bag, purse, phone and keys. Then I put some makeup on and brushed through my hair again.

"See you later!" I yelled as Ali and I left.

We spent three hours shopping, and when we'd collected enough decorations and cake and all manner of other things I called Liam.

"Hey Liam, is she out?"

"She's in her room. Are you ready?"

"Yup, we have everything. Just get her out and we'll sneak it in."


Ali and I walked slowly back to the flat until I recieved the all clear from Liam. Then we hurried back, through the door and dumped the bags in the kitchen.

"Where is she?" I asked Liam,  who was pulling all the alcohol out.

"I asked Jak to take her out. He came round and asked her for help on an essay; they both do the same course you know."

"Oh really? That's good. So he'll bring her back at party time right?"

"Yup. Wow, how much alcohol did you buy?"


"More than enough."

"There are a lot of people!"

"How many?"

"Lots of our old school friends are coming up. I'd say thirty."

"What, thirty in this house?"

"Yeah... bit of a squeeze but who cares? My best friend will have an amazing party!"

He chuckled.

"See that's what I like about you. You're so loving."

"Thanks." I hugged him. "Right, I have banners to put up and my present to wrap."

"Ok. Here, I'll do banners, you sort your present."


I went to my room and removed the box from under my bed. It was another charm for her charm bracelet. A silver heart with a green stone in the centre. I smiled and placed it back in the box before carefully wrapping it in sparkly wrapping paper and putting it in the birthday bag with the card. I just hoped she liked it.

My phone rang. Sam.

"Hey." I breathed down the phone, the memories of last night and this morning rushing through my head in an intoxicating rush.

"Hey. About this party you told me about tonight?"


"I can make it."

"You can?" I grinned.


"That's so great."

"So I'll see you tonight."

"I can hardly wait."

I hung up and slid the phone back in to my pocket. There was a knock on the front door.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" My mate Shaun yelled as he leapt on me.

"SHAUN!" I grinned and hugged him. "You came!"

"Of course I did! Think I'd miss Anna's birthday?" He held out a bottle of vodka.

"Oh Shaun, you legend. Get in here."

"Now Cara... what's this I hear about you and Anna being all lesbian now...?"

Over the next couple of hours, old friends started arriving. They filled the house, and I was glad I'd told them to bring their own food and drink! There were so many. I went and changed ready for the party then checked the time. Seven. Sam wasn't here, and we'd have to get Anna back soon... there was another knock on the door. I ran to answer it and met Sam's eyes smiling at me.

"I was beginning to think you weren't coming." I grinned, pulling her in to a kiss.

"I had to buy a present." She whispered as she let me go. She indicated the bottle of champagne. "I thought it would be nice for her to have champers on her birthday."

"You didn't have to!" I kissed her again, and then took her in to the kitchen/living room to meet people.

A text to Jak later and Anna was returning. We all lay in wait for her.

The front door opened and I heard Anna's voice, chatting to Jak fairly cheerfully. They opened the door to the room we were packed in to and...

"SURPRISE!" We all yelled.

The End

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