Cara: Morning SunMature

I awoke to kisses on my shoulder and looked over it to see Sam smiling at me with flirtatious eyes.

“Good morning,” She whispered, and returned her lips to my skin. I leaned over and claimed her lips with mine.

“Morning. You look beautiful.” It was true. Her eyes were so dark they were almost black, and the soft sunlight that danced along her skin gave it an almost glowing quality. I traced some of the shadows along her skin, marvelling at everything. I somehow felt free from my body, like I was floating just above the bed.

“Look who’s talking. You’re glowing.”

I grinned.

“Well it was an amazing night.”

“I’m glad you thought so. It was amazing for me too.”

“Really? Even though I... Well, you know...”

“Even though. You’re a natural.”

I grinned and chuckled.

“But practice couldn’t hurt right?”

“I like your thinking.”


I crept in to the house and closed the door really quietly. I reached my room with no one seeing me, and hearing no one. I slipped the door stop in so it wouldn’t close properly, and then went to change. As I washed away the night and put on a long loose top and leggings, I smiled at the thought of the long hours in Sam’s arms. I ran my hands over my arms where she had, and felt I could still smell her on me. I took a deep breath and grinned. I saw myself in the mirror and thought I’d never been this happy. I’d never seen my face look so glowing. Sam was right.

There was a knock at the door.

“Cara, you there?” It was Anna.

“Hey.” I gave her a warm smile as she came through the door. “What’s up?”

“Nothing, just come to ask if you wanted some coffee. Me and Leanne are making some.”

“Oh, no thanks. I think I’ll get myself a juice this morning.”

“Ok. When did you get in last night?”

“I can’t remember. It was amazing though.”

“Good, I’m glad you had fun. So are you seeing Sam today?”

“I don’t know. I’m going to call her during her lunch break.”

“Alright. Well, come and join us for breakfast, won’t you?” She seemed a little off.

“Yeah of course. I’ll be there in a bit.”

She smiled and left. I wasn’t sure why I’d lied to her; why I hadn’t told her. I just knew that I couldn’t. I didn’t want to share that special night with anyone but Sam.

I went in to the kitchen and poured myself some juice, smiling at Anna and Leanne at the breakfast table.

"So, did you two have a good night?" I asked, sitting next to them.

"It was alright." Anna muttered. Leanne frowned.

"We fell asleep watching the film. I think she's a little achey."

"Oh." That might explain Anna's mood. Then again...

Ali walked in and smiled at me.

"Morning Cara. Where were you last night?"

"Went out to a friends and then out. What did you do?"

"I was at work." She groaned, grabbing some coffee. "But on the plus side, I bought new jeans yesterday. What do you think?" She twisted round.

"Very nice. They suit you." I grinned.

The End

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