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I tried not to think of Sam on 'our day off' as I'd christened it, but somehow, no matter what I did, she slipped in to my thoughts. It was only when, mid chapter of a course book, an image of her slipped in to my mind I gave up, and sent her a text.

This is harder than I thought.

Only a few moments passed before I recieved my reply.

This dinner is so boring. All I can think of is you and your lips and your eyes.

Leave. Come over.

Don't tempt me.

I bit my lip and glanced around. Liam was getting a drink, and Anna and Leanne were curled up on the sofa watching a film. Would they see me blushing?

Come over. Or tell me where you live, and I'll be waiting when you get back.

I hung on every second that passed, pretending to watch the film while all the time waiting for the slight buzz of my phone. The reply I wanted. The reply I was starting to need.

"You alright? You're a bit pink." Liam said, moving my feet so he could sit on the sofa with me.

"Hmm? I'm just warm." I said, not really paying attention.

"Ok." He gulped his drink and focussed on Sherlock Holmes. My phone buzzed and I felt my heart give an almighty leap. I glanced down.

Meet outside Pieces- 10.30 x

I felt a tingling heat in my chest, in my stomach, on my cheeks. I tried to move from the room without attracting too much attention.

"Where are you going?" Anna asked, peering at me from amidst Leanne's arms.

"Friend from my course wants me to go over for some drinks. Might go out afterwards." I tried to keep my voice level, to keep it from shaking.

"Oh. Well have fun!"


I went to my room and checked the time. I had an hour. I jumped in the shower and had a quick wash, then put on my jeans, my converse and a fairly low cut top that made my boobs look 'amazing'. Quote from Anna, and Ali now I came to think of it. Then I grabbed my leather jacket. I took my phone and keys, and threw a bit of money in to my pocket too.

"Bye!" I cried as I made my escape, not wanting anyone to see me looking so flushed. I walked slowly towards Pieces, because it was only quarter past and I didn't want to be too early. As I turned the corner I saw a group of people standing in front of Pieces. Had Sam bought some friends back? I strode towards them, and it wasn't until they'd notice me and I was too close to turn around that I realised it wasn't Sam and some friends at all, but a group of people I didn't recognise at all. And they looked fairly drunk. I did not want to stand near them waiting. I turned around.

"Hey! Hey where you going?"

I walked at a normal pace, trying to get away but two lads appeared beside me.

"Hey beautiful. Why don't you come hang around with us?"

Drunk and clearly on drugs.

"No thanks, I'm fine."

"Well we know that." The other chuckled. "That's why we want you to come and hang with us. Maybe we can have some private time." He had hold of my arm now. I flashed back to the conversation my mum had had with me when I'd told her I wanted to go to a city university.

"It could be dangerous."

"Mum, I'll be fine. Nothing will happen."

Clearly, I had been wrong.

"Let go of my arm." I said, trying to remove his fingers.

"I like a girl who puts up a fight." He said in the most terrifyingly predator like voice I'd ever heard.

"Oi! Get your hands off her!" I turned to see Sam marching towards us. She looked angry, she looked strong, and she looked very very sexy.

"Or what?" One of the guys laughed, swaggering and still not letting go of me.

Her fist flew through the air and I heard the crunch as it hit his nose. He yelled, let go and ran back to his friends, swearing. His other friend followed.

"Come on, inside quickly." She said, putting her arm around my waist and dragging me down the side bit of Pieces till we reached the back. We ran up the fire escape stairs and she unlocked the door, pushing me in and then locking it behind her. After a few moments she turned and looked at me with beautiful, protective eyes."Are you alright?"

I nodded, more shocked than hurt.

"Stupid drunken idiots." She cursed and I saw she was shaking slightly. I gripped her hands and reached up to kiss her.

"You were amazing." I whispered as we broke apart. Then I looked down at the fist she had used to punch the guy. "Are you hurt?"

It looked red but nothing seemed injured.

"I'm fine. Why are you worrying about me? You're the one who got close to being..." She started to shake again.

"Well I wasn't. Besides, you went all knight in shining armour on them. It was incredible."

She smiled and shook her head, the shaking stopping as soon as it had started.

"What, rescuing the fair maiden?"

"I wouldn't say fair..."

"Oh, I would." She muttered, and then gripped my jacket, pulling me close. Her lips trailed mine, and right on the edge her tongue gently wetted my top lip. I felt my breathing growing heavy, felt her slide my jacket off. I stared up in to her dark eyes, felt a shiver roll down my spine. I felt her lips steal a light moan from mine, and then let her take control. I was only too happy when she threw off her coat, when I could unbutton those perfectly sized buttons down the front of her waistcoat, and then, the equally perfect ones on her shirt. As I spread the material open I marvelled at her breasts. They were so soft and perfect beneath my fingers, my mouth. And then she had my chin in the crook of her finger and was kissing me again.I was against the wall, and our lips broke for a second as she pulled my top off over my head, darting down to kiss me as soon as it had been thrown away. I groaned as she began to kiss down my neck, across my chest and down my stomach. She returned to my mouth for a few soft kisses, then took my hand. I followed her willingly as she led me through the flat to the bedroom, and then lay down on the bed and let her kisses continue.

The End

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