Anna: ClosenessMature

Despite Ali’s tearstained face and her sobbed apology I wasn’t convinced, whether the tears were genuine or not was anyone’s guess but they seemed to have Cara fooled and although I gave her a reluctant hug after she had apologised I was still skeptical as to whether she had truly meant her apology. My feelings towards Ali had not changed, I still hated her and this recent attack had heightened my hatred towards her however Cara liked her so I resigned myself to getting on with her for Cara’s sake, even if that meant biting my tongue to stop myself giving her sardonic and hate filled responses.

I think that after Cara blew her top (which had spoiled her night as I had known it would) Ali had also resigned herself to be civil towards me when Cara was in earshot however it was plain that neither of us liked the other.

I flopped into bed and budged up to allow Leanne room to squeeze in next to me; she coiled her arm around my waist and pulled me into her so that I was able to inhale her sweet scent. She kissed the top of my head before stifling a huge yawn and shuffling herself down so that she was able to put her head on the pillow.

“Tired?” I asked her

“It's been a long night” she said simply and that sentence stirred something in me,

“Your upset about something?” I asked tentatively.

“There is always lots of action around you Anna; you don’t lead the quiet life you used to”

“Without action, life would be boring” I said.

“Right there, I suppose I am just angry that Ali hurt you”

“What’s that got to do with me having a lot of action in my life?” I asked perplexed, propping myself up with my elbows to look more closely at Leanne who was looking resolutely in another direction.

“I can’t keep up with you and when Cara blew her top tonight it showed me that I am not the only one you are very close to.”

“What are you on about?” I asked, growing still more confused.

“You and Cara…”

“Are best friends and have been for years”

“Best friends for now but you two are close, if not too close”

“We were that close, being together did not work, I love you … not Cara” I said nudging Leanne – I wished she would look at me. “What’s brought this on?” I asked her, nudging her again and she finally rolled over, tears were sparkling in her eyes.

“You are not my first girlfriend; I used to go out with a girl called Francesca who was similar to you in many ways. She was close to a lot of people including a girl called Naomi who she grew even closer to her whilst we drifted apart. I am terrified of it happening again” she said a silent tear rolling down her cheek which I wiped away.

I shuffled down so I was at eye level with Leanne and forgetting about the stitches in my lip, pressed my lips gently and tenderly against hers.

Our lips parted, “I love you” I breathed before wrapping my arms around her and holding her close to me absentmindedly stroking her hair until she drifted off to sleep. I lay awake for what seemed an age before sleep overwhelmed me.  

The End

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