Cara: LiesMature

"I had an accident." Anna said through her swollen lip.

"Sure. Try another one." She was lying to me. I could see it in both hers and Leanne's face.

"Alright, I was a complete clutz and I didn't want you to laugh at me. I tripped and fell on the edge of my bed when me and Leanne were... you know."

Lying again. If she was going to lie to me twice, it was clearly something she didn't want me to find out. Why? Had Leanne hit her? I glared at Leanne but she didn't look like she had been involved. Ali?

"Ali." I muttered, and Anna flinched.

"Cara, don't do anything. It's ok. I don't want to ruin your night..."

"ALI!" I yelled and pounded on her door. "ALI GET OUT HERE!"

Liam emerged down the corridor, confused at the commotion.

"What's going on?"

"Ali's busted Anna's lip."

"Jesus." Liam muttered as he saw Anna's face.

Ali's door opened and she peered out, her face streaming with tears.

"I'm sorry." She croaked. She'd obviously been crying for hours. "I'm so sorry."

"It's not me you need to apologise to." I said, backing up so she could see Anna. She started crying again.

"Anna I'm sorry... I just got angry..."

"Save it Ali." Leanne spat.

"Let her apologise." I argued.

"I really am sorry Anna..." Ali said, and I believed her. But it depended whether Anna did.

"I guess... if you're really sorry, I forgive you." Anna said. She didn't look too sure though.

"I really am." Ali sniffled.

"Go on. Hug." I bossed them about, annoyed that the situation had gotten this far out of control. And I'd been having such a good night too. They hugged, slightly reluctantly to be sure, but they still did it. "Right now that's over, I think I'll go to bed."

"Really? You were hyper a second ago." Anna said, looking at me. I tried not to stare at her lip.

"Yeah well, I've lost that now."

"Sorry..." Ali and Anna said.

"It's alright. It's a good enough memory to make me smile just by the thought..." The smile was already making its way back on to my lips as I remembered those last stolen kisses outside.

"Oooh... I recognise that dreamy look..." Leanne giggled. "Did she come in?"

"No." I bit my lip. "But she might next time."

"It went that well?" Anna asked. I wondered if she was still a little concerned about me. She certainly had a bit of an edge on her voice.

"Yes... Well, I have to go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow." I slipped in to my room and closed the door, leaning against it before letting the heat spread through my cheeks. Sam certainly had an instant effect on me.


I woke to my phone ringing.

"Ugh, hello?"

"Did I wake you?" Sam's voice whispered down the phone. I smiled and rolled over.

"Morning good looking."

"Well, that's the nicest greeting I've had this morning."

"Good. I'd be jealous if it wasn't."

"Is it wrong that I want to make you jealous?"

"Very wrong. And so right..."

"You're adorable."

"And you're a tease."

"I try... which brings me to the problem."

Problem?" My heart beat rapidly in my chest.

"I can't see you today. I have a full day at work, and then a dinner with some very important collectors tonight. I'm afraid our next date will have to wait."

"Oh." I was disappointed, crushingly so. "Well that's ok. I understand."

"I'm sorry. But I will make it up to you."

"Oh really?" I felt the smile return to my face. "How?"

"You'll have to wait and see. I have to go. Speak soon."


I put the phone down and bit my lip. I guess a day off would be good for me. It was moving a little too fast. But not fast enough, at the same time.

The End

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