Anna: StitchesMature

It was an age before I was seen by a nurse; the waiting room had filled and emptied approximately three times before my name was called. The blood on my lip had now bled itself dry but it still twinged with pain every time I spoke, or said any words which meant I had to press my teeth against my lip to pronounce the sound.

After having both my lips numbed (I was a total wuss when it came to pain) and my fat lip stitched up I was finally allowed to leave. The sky had gotten steadily darker whilst I was inside the hospital and now the sky was star speckled and a crescent moon was visible among the twinkling stars.

“At least when your lip is healed the stitches will just melt away” Leanne said, “Shame I can’t kiss you until you lip is healed though, I’m gonna kill that Ali she is such a bitch!” Leanne said balling her hands into tight fists as she said it.

“Calm down” I managed to say but with difficulty as I was trying to avoid accidently biting my lip – not that it would hurt at the moment as my lips were still numb but later it may have done.

“Cara will hit the roof when she finds out!” Leanne stated, a hint of glee in her voice at the prospect of Ali getting what’s coming to her.

“That’s if I tell her what really happened” I said.

“What do you mean, if you tell her … why wouldn’t you tell her?”

“I don’t want to spoil her evening, she’ll think she cant leave Ali and me alone in the flat together without one of us ripping the others head off.”

“But Anna, she…”

“I know Lea, saying that though, I am no good at lying so Cara may guess what happened but I am certainly not going to be the one to dampen her mood,” I said a final tone in my voice, as if almost daring her to argue.

She didn’t.

I turned my key in the locked door of the flat and stepped inside, Cara came hurrying out of her room  beaming ear to ear(she had obviously been waiting until I got back) however her grin faltered and left her face the moment she saw me – or more specifically, saw my lip.

“Holy mother of Jesus, what the hell happened to you?”

“I, um …” I stopped contemplating whether or not to tell her what really happened.

The End

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